September 20, 2013

Thanksgiving - A November Feast and Holiday in the US

The fourth Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving in the US. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival and it commemorates the day the 'Native Americans' and Pilgrims befriended each other and shared their first feast together near to Plymouth Rock. 

In this video, I discuss some of the history of the holiday and the foods that are eaten during the Thanksgiving meal (I forgot cranberry sauce and cranberry bread!!). (Looking for more tips on small talk with your colleagues for this day, see this.)

Yep, that day was not one of my most glamourous days, but I did make one more video on that same day discussing why Native Americans (people indigenous to the US) are called Indians. I decided to make this video as when I talk about Thanksgiving to people in India, many ask me why the "original people" of the US are called Indians by some Americans. (As a related note, some people from India may call Native Americans "Red Indians." Please banish this term from your vocabulary. This is highly offensive. This term is now obsolete.)

For some more exposure to the words, phrases and sayings Americans may use in small talk during this holiday, solve this word puzzle below. Learn some of the most common words said by Americans during Thanksgiving through definitions and pictures. Are you able to find all the words in the word search?
There is one important term that is not on the word search. Have you heard of "Black Friday"? Black Friday is the day after Thanskgiving. It's a day off of work for most office-going people. Black Friday is the "official" start to the Christmas shopping season. On Thanksgiving all the stores are traditionally closed (though this has changed over the past years of the economic recession), and they reopen very early on Friday boasting the best sales. While some stores open as early as 4 or 5 am, shoppers will line up late the previous night and even 'camp out', so they can be the first one in the doors to purchase limited stock sale items. Many Hollywood holiday movies are based on this concept, such as Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

What new words and phrases have you learned in this post? How can you use those words while making small talk with your US clients? Leave your ideas in the comment box below!  

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