Singles Awareness Day – February 15

Posted On: February 15, 2022

One may wonder why we are talking about Single’s Awareness Day on a business and corporate coaching blog.

We are all humans with feelings, needs, and desires. Because of this regardless of the holiday, we all need to prioritize self-care.


This may be a more important day than Valentine’s Day.



Well, besides the fact I believe any day is a good day to show appreciation and affection to others (every day is Valentine’s Day), I also feel every single day is a good day to show appreciation and affection to our very self. Regardless if we are in a relationship with another human, we are ALWAYS in a relationship with ourself.


I may argue, that is probably the most important relationship.


I know that can be controversial. But, who has to live with our own thoughts, feelings, and moods every single day? Well, yes, others, if we have them around us, but really us. The person experiencing the thoughts, feelings, and moods has to deal with them directly in their mind, heart, soul and experience every. Single. Day.






No one else experiences our own thoughts, feelings, and moods to the extent that we do. The more we care about how we feel every single day, the better we feel. The better we can care for our emotional, mental, psychological, physical, psychic and all other forms of health.


Take today (and every day) to care for yourself.


Find a way to be happy being you. NO ONE ELSE IS LIKE YOU ANYWHERE!


Singles Awareness Day started around 2001 (probably as an afterthought to Valentine’s Day- however NO ONE is an afterthought… we are all front and center in our lives. We all matter!)


Author, Jennifer Kumar is a corporate coach building your cross-cultural acumen to work effectively across cultures in remote, offshore teams. See our coaching programs or contact her today. Also, if you like to read such motivational messages, jump on over to LinkedIn to follow Jennifer as she posts more as they arise.


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photo credit: Dakota Corbin at unsplash


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