10 Ways to Make Life Easier in the U.S.

“Although I have traveled around the world with my family as a child, and even visited the U.S.A. several times before moving there to study, the visits did not prepare me for living and studying in the U.S.A. as a full time student.” says Vishal Eswar, who came to Rochester, NY in 2006 to study […]

Working with Americans on Virtual Teams – Training Program

Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of conversation and interaction with Americans in business relationships. Small talk, conversation and American business values will be discussed and practiced in this lively one-day seminar.  -Presented by Ms. Jennifer Kumar Target audience: Indian or professionals new to the US culture who work with Americans or in the […]

Good Posture Improves Voice Quality

For those who spend a majority of their time in virtual meetings, delivering online presentations or working in a call center, did you know that good posture improves voice quality?  It is. When we have good posture, we can breathe easier, hence our voice will sound clearer. Additionally, with better posture and better, more even […]

Politely Tell Someone They Are Wrong (In English)

We often avoid situations or conversations where we either have to deliver or receive what is considered ‘bad’ news. Did you know there’s a way to politely tell someone they are wrong?   Is this true for you?  It sure has been true in my life, and for those I coach. I have coached managers […]

Problems Faced on Conference Calls

Conference calls are part and parcel of life when working on distributed, virtual teams or working from home. Everyone faces some issues while on a conference call. Have you ever wondered what a conference call would look like or feel like in real life?      Well, someone with a LOT of time on their […]

No Performance Reviews? Track Your Career Milestones

Do you track your career milestones? If you say, yes because you have to and you do it only with your managers, this is really not the right approach. Managers change, your job changes. The only person constant in your career is you. When it comes time to advocate for yourself during performance review time, […]

Work Better with American Clients with Culture Training

If you work with US citizens from offshore, you may be wondering how to bridge the culture gaps to work more effectively and efficiently. We help you to work better with American clients. In fact, in a recent cross-cultural sensitization program for remote teams, Authentic Journeys, the following question was asked: How Does Culture Training […]

Cultural Differences at Work – USA vs. India

For anyone who’s worked between the USA and India, it’s evident that there are cultural differences at work.  There are several important cultural differences at work when comparing the experience working between the US and India. The Powerpoint below was used as a conversation starter to initiate group discussions on the cultural differences on doing […]

Differences AND Similarities: India & USA

We believe it’s important to understand both differences AND similarities between India and the USA. While most training programs focus on the differences, and dos and don’ts, missing highlighting the similarities can easily make us forget that we do have common ground to build from. To end a recent session on US cross-culture training for […]

Cross-Culture Training for Virtual Teams – 2 Day Training

Cross-Cultural Training for Virtual Teams  Do you or employees in your company work with Americans from offshore? Do you work on a dispersed, global, virtual team? Get into the mind of your US Clients and Colleagues: Reduce confusion Increase effective collaboration and project management Learn practical tips you can apply today to make working relationships […]

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