Good Posture Improves Voice Quality

Posted On: September 25, 2015

For those who spend a majority of their time in virtual meetings, delivering online presentations or working in a call center, did you know that good posture improves voice quality? 

It is. When we have good posture, we can breathe easier, hence our voice will sound clearer. Additionally, with better posture and better, more even breathing, we have better control over the speed at which we speak. If  you tend to be a fast talker or your accent is harder for international colleagues to follow if you speak fast, good posture and deep breathing can help you improve the clarity of your voice in seconds.

These exercises are good for anyone – native speakers of English for English as Second Language (ESL) speakers as well. Many may get the impression these exercises are only needed for those who speak English as a second or third language, and not native speakers. However, this is a fallacy. The skills we are talking about here are not language skills, but presentation skills. These skills will help you be a better presenter not only at meetings and on calls with your internatinoal counterparts in virtual meetings, but also in face to face meetings with local and distrubuted team members as well.

Jennifer Kumar helps your onsite and offshore teams present themselves with more clarity and understanding during daily scrum stand-up meetings, status review meetings, demos, and many other corporate meetings and presentations. Contact us for more information today.

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