Personal Space in India vs the US

I’m realizing a lot about my own culture now that I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to Punjabi culture. One thing I was thinking about today is personal space in India vs. the US. Many Indians think Americans are too individualistic. While I see their point, I don’t think this is an accurate description. […]

How NRI Children Find Adjustment to Life in India Difficult

Many Non-Resident Indian (NRI) families considering moving back to India wonder how their NRI children may adjust to life in India. Recently in interacting with Non-Resident Indian (hereafter, NRI) families considering a move back to India, I thought to share a few challenges NRI children who move from the USA to India face.  What Problems […]

Use a USA Based Phone in India

Many United States based Non-Resident Indians (here after, NRIs) travel to India every year with USA based cell phone carriers. Many wonder,  “How can I use a USA based phone in India?” Step 1: Find out if your phone is GSM or CDMA Carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM compatible. (Verizon and Sprint are CDMA […]

The Mask Makes the Man!

In this touching story, which is different than all my other blog posts, I share how  covering up in a costume on Halloween helped one special person to uncover  the greatness beneath and forge the new and scary path of soul searching.     The mask Dave wore on Halloween gave him a new confidence. He […]

Generalizations and Stereotypes: How They Differ

Do you sometimes wonder why some people can connect to others while others are always putting out fires with their colleagues?  Most of the times, it’s due to their use of language and how it turns people off. For example,  “Have you ever heard about an Indian who didn’t like curry? Me neither. It’s like […]

Impact of Globalisation and Multiculturalism

Travel hardly remains anyone’s dream for long – it easily becomes one’s reality with so many options and opportunities to move around, from one country to the other. It could be just for a holiday, a break from the norm. It could be to obtain better education, for a better profile, job and income. Or […]

New York and Newark Pronunciation Podcast

To clear the confusion, it is not ‘Newyork’, one long word without a space between ‘New’ and ‘York’. But, it is New York. Two separate words. In the USA, if you pronounce New York as one continuous word, it can cause confusion and may be misunderstood for ‘Newark’ which is a different city. There is […]

Improving Phone and E-mail Communication at Work

What did you learn from the communication sessions? “I am attending sessions on listening and customer service with Americans given by Jennifer. My team and I find these sessions helpful because: We can now understand the basic dos and don’ts of e-mail and phone communication. I learned paraphrasing is important, and how it can help […]

Kinds of Household Help Hired in India

By: Pallavi Rao Edited by: Jennifer Kumar & Chris Sufi  Note: Quoted rates in this article are from 2012. In the previous post, I shared some general tips on hiring household help in Mumbai, India. Today, I would like to introduce you to all the different kinds of help that you can hire to for […]

13 Tips for Employing a Maid in India

Employing a maid and other household help in India is common. Many Non- Resident Indians (NRIs), including myself, have lived in the West where we had to do all the household chores without any help. However, when we come back to India, we realize most of the people behave as if they live in the […]

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