July 12, 2012

How to Pronounce New York and Newark?

To clear the confusion, it is not 'Newyork', one long word without a space between 'New' and 'York'. But, it is New York. Two separate words. In America, if you pronounce New York as one continuous word, it can cause confusion and may be misunderstood for 'Newark' which is a different city. There is also a difference in the way these two words are pronounced. Since New York has a space/pause in it, the intonation goes down at the end of 'New' and rises with the Y in 'York'. In Newark, there is a flat intonation throughout. I have tried to explain this with a story in this audio cast.

Author Jennifer Kumar is a native American English speaker living in Cochin, India helping Indians to communicate better with their American counterparts. Check out the Accent Reduction program through Authentic Journeys.

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