Cooking Indian Food is Easy!

Thank you, Srivalli Jetti! Meet a talented woman who: Can write recipes to make Indian ‘complicated’ cooking fun and understandable? (She’s made Indian cooking a bit easier for me!) Thinks outside the cookbook in her approach to relationships and learning about the world. Takes herself seriously with integrity and self-respect. Thanks for watching this video. […]

Living a Civilian Life after Military Service

Transition to Civilian Life after Army Service Jen is genuine and really assists you in exploring your career options and life goals. Although her focus as stated on this site is cultural transition and assisting those learning about the diversity of the world, you would not think that assisting a retired Army person is part […]

Help For Adjusting to College Life in the US

Getting Used to College Life Sending your child off to college can be an overwhelming experience, especially when there are no rooms available in the dormitories and your 18-year old son has moved in and is managing his first apartment in an unfamiliar city. This was the situation that we found ourselves in when our […]

English Tutoring for Japanese Speakers

Getting Used To Daily Life in America and American English: (Japanese, with English translation below.) 私とジェニファーさんは ボランティアを通じて知り合いになりました。こちらに来た当初は、何もかも不安でわからないことだらけでした。彼女は私に本当にいろんなことを教えてくれました。たとえば、アメリカの文化、発音の仕方(特にR,L)、ちょっとした生の英語、物の買い方、コーヒーショップでの店員とのやり取りの仕方などです。 さらには、レッスンの後に私の疑問を調べてくれて、詳しいものをホームページにのせてくれたり、ビデオを作って“You-tube”に載せてくれたりしましたくれました。 アメリカに来た時は不安でいっぱいでしたが、彼女と知り合いになれたことで、かなりアメリカ生活が有意義になりました。 彼女は本当に信用できる良い人です。私は彼女と知り合えて本当に良かったと実感しています。 油形 千代美 Getting Used To Daily Life in America and American English: “Jennifer Kumar is my tutor and my best friend. When our family came to the U.S.A , we had no information about Rochester and U.S.A […]

An American Who Understands Tamil & Indian Culture

Can someone from the US understand Tamil culture?  It gives me great pleasure to say that Jennifer has given a detailed and comprehensive review of “Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine” that I have co-authored with Viji Varadarajan. She has taken time and detailed analysis to write about our book. It is interesting to see how a […]

What is a Cross-Cultural Coach and other FAQ

What is a Cross-Cultural Coach? That is a good question. Many of you who have come to this site want answers to a variety of questions about cultural adjustment, cross-cultural relationships, cross-cultural business and careers, and other help with moving abroad or back home after years away. I am here to help you uncover those […]

Jennifer Kumar, Authentic Journeys

Hello, I am Jennifer Kumar.   I bring to you my experience and expertise in negotiating contracts and working with over 50 companies in India since 2011. After personally interacting with about 3,500 professionals, I have current understanding of virtual teams you work with in India and practical approaches you can take in resolving common […]

Contact Jennifer Kumar, Authentic Journeys

US Phone:  Call Us at: (385) 218-0947 US Phone:  SMS/Text Us at: (385) 218-0947 India Phone (Whatsapp only): 91-95-393-47529 Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director Cross-Culture Trainer, Coach & Facilitator Authentic Journeys, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Authentic Journeys Pvt. Ltd., Kochi, Kerala, India Other Social Media: Website   |   Blog   |   Facebook   |   LinkedIn  |  YouTube Updated December 2012/March 2018/Dec. 2019/Aug. 2020


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