Adjusting to College Life in the US

Posted On: November 24, 2010

Adjusting to college life in the US 

Sending your child off to college can be an overwhelming experience, especially when there are no rooms available in the dormitories and your 18-year old son has moved in and is managing his first apartment in an unfamiliar city. This was the situation that we found ourselves in when our youngest went to college in Rochester, NY. Jennifer helped not only navigate the city of Rochester but also navigate all the academic details of being a full-time college student. Her assistance with managing time and figuring out how to break large projects into smaller steps for our son was invaluable. Additionally, she was reliable as she was efficient in her communication with all parties involved. She would routinely e-mail not only providing updates but also asking relevant questions regarding the adjustment to college life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in adjusting to a new culture or situation.

-Susan Durnford
Mother and Educator 

You may be interested to read how we also aided PK in identifying a career path before moving to the US from India in addition to helping him with adjusting to college life in the US before even leaving his native country.

If you’d like to know how we can help you with adjusting to college life in the US or any cross-cultural situaiton, get in touch with us


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