What is a Cross-Cultural Coach and other FAQ

Posted On: August 4, 2010

What is a Cross-Cultural Coach?

That is a good question. Many of you who have come to this site want answers to a variety of questions about cultural adjustment, cross-cultural relationships, cross-cultural business and careers, and other help with moving abroad or back home after years away. I am here to help you uncover those answers through coaching.

Coaching is kind of like advising, consulting or counseling but different. I am an impartial person that can help you to sort out your concerns, brainstorm solutions and support you on the path that best suits you, your life’s goals, values and authentic journey. However, at the same time I am not here to give you the definite answers or tell you what to do. Many people get solicited and unsolicited advice from parents, family, friends and even strangers on the street telling you what they think you should do. I am here to give you the opportunity to decide on what you think you should do.

Isn’t that liberating!

I believe you are in charge of your destiny and you have the answers within. However, sometimes it’s hard to listen to our little voices inside because of society, because of family or friends that appear to be louder or more authoritative. In all that noise we forget that we have the innate ability to know what’s best for us. This is especially true regardless if we are a New American, an expat, or a returning NRI. It’s true when living away from home or coming back home. We want what’s familiar- so listening and doing what our family tells us to do has a comforting appeal. But, sometimes in their love and care we forget they cannot understand our situation as well simply because they have not experienced it.

Do you want to connect or reconnect to your innate ability to uncover the answers in your own life and take charge? 

It’s not about directing, but asking the right questions to uncover the hidden treasures inside [of you]! Would you like to participate in cross-cultural coaching? 
These questions are answered in our client contract. 


What is coaching with you like?

We also have access to an amazing life purpose self-help series from the Life Purpose Institute. These life-changing worksheets and self-introspective exercises will help you to uncover even more than you realized about yourself. I as a coach help facilitate the worksheets by clarifying particular areas of the exercises with you depending on your unique situation. I ask probing questions related to but beyond those given on the worksheet to challenge you further. 

Recently, I’ve also created a coaching flow chart, if a visual helps, see below.

Do you meet One on One or in Small Groups?

I can meet you and up to three of your friends in a group session in person or via internet video, phone or landline phone. This works well for people facing the same kinds of challenges. If you opt for this, for best results it’s recommended (but not required) to have an individual session for each group session. The ratio of individual to group sessions is unique to you; some people like to have one individual for each group, others will attend two or three group sessions in between have one individual session. Again, the reason for this is to help to encourage your unique skills, talents, interests, strengths and challenges to be discovered.

How much do you charge?
Contact me for current rates.


Where do we meet? 

  • At the coach’s office
  • At your place of employment (if the sessions are company sponsored)
  • Phone
  • In-person (community settings)
  • E-mail/Chat (only for one-on-one coaching)
  • Skype (video or voice chat)

Do you work only with companies?

No! We work with individuals and private clients, as well. If you would like to know more how we can help you, get in touch with us today.


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