Football, Super Bowl & Small Talk in the USA

Let’s Learn About US Football and The Super Bowl Small talk about sports is common in American workplaces. Today, I ask Matt Wade a few questions about [American] football and the Super Bowl, which will be on February 2, 2020 (the same day as Groundhog Day).    Who is playing? Super Bowl 54- yet to […]

7 Ways to Start Conversations in American English

Some foreigners in the US learning English hesitate to start conversations with native US English speakers. If you can relate to this, this post is for you. I’d like to share some common questions you can ask your American colleagues, classmates or friends to start conversations.  7 Ways To Make Small Talk and Start Conversations […]

Work With US Clients (From Offshore): An Online Facilitator-Led Program

Do your offshore counterparts or team members in India:  Shy away from small talk, only using English for technical discussions?  Speak good, clear, unaccented English, but can benefit from polishing their tone (word choices) when speaking with global team members?  Shy away from asking questions?  Say yes, but you aren’t sure if yes means “I […]

How we Help India-Based Teams Work With US American Clients

Attendees Share The Benefits of Our Programs See more testimonials from attendees, CEOs, HR managers and others on our company LinkedIn profile or the Managing Director, Jennifer Kumar’s Personal LinkedIn Profile for additional details and updated information.   If you like what you see or have questions, contact us for more information. Our Training & Training Chronicle Names, projects, […]

Is it Possible to Fully Become Another Nationality?

Some believe you are only the nationality of your birth country. Some believe you can be the nationality of your host country. Some believe you can be a global citizen. Some people only live in one or two countries in their entire lifetime, while some others can live in a handful or twenty or thirty […]

I am a Transplant – and other “Expat-Related” Terms

On one of the first meetup hikes I attended in Salt Lake City hosted by Utah Outdoors,  I heard this discussion, Person 1: “So are you originally from Salt Lake City?” Person 2: “Nope, I’m a transplant.” Person 3: “I’m a transplant, too….” And, then and there I learned a new word, or at least […]

India & USA Cross-Culture Training Portfolio 2017-2018

See 2012, 2013, 2014-2015, 2016, 2017-2018, 2019 Resume & Client Portfolios. The last two years have seen some exciting changes to Authentic Journeys as it moves across the oceans. Actually, Authentic Journeys remains a business entity in India, while it also has been initiated in the USA as well. View the short video below or read the commentary under the video […]

Things to Do When Visiting Las Vegas on Work

I know all too well that when one travels for work, it sometimes feels too hectic to do local travel in addition to the client meetings, conferences, and tradeshows. However, coming to Las Vegas may be a different ballgame altogether, especially if you can add a few extra leisure day- categorizing your travel as bleisure! […]


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