4 Tips to Build Your US Client Base (For Companies in India)

“Americans are more willing to take risks, more open to new ideas and may be willing to spend more money than in other markets.” Said by a CEO of a startup company in India, these are some of the reasons Indians prefer to do business with Americans over Canadians and even Europeans. Let’s take a […]

Synonyms for “Delayed”

Are you guilty of using or overusing the following types of sentences?  “Sorry for the delayed response.”  “I missed the mail, hence the delay.”  “The P.O. has been approved. It was because of the holiday [in Bangalore] that the payment got delayed.”  The word ‘delay’ is commonly used in business communication in Kerala, India. To […]

40+ Sentences Translated From Indian to American English

All Englishes are not the same! In some U.S. culture and business English training programs, we look at different uses of English terms between the U.S. and India. While the sentence examples in this post were written by participants of our training programs in India, American team members can surely refer to these sentences to […]

2022: US & India Holidays & Vacation Days

India & US Holiday Calendar 2022   Need for this Calendar   This calendar will be useful for Indians and Americans working on distributed, global teams with multiple offices in India or in the US.   As India is a diverse country which celebrates different holidays in different parts of the country, this calendar mainly focuses on: […]

Veterans Day: A Patriotic Day in the US

Veterans Day is a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11) to honor US veterans and victims of all wars. It replaced Armistice Day in 1954. How does Veterans Day impact global teams? Let’s see.  What is Veterans Day?  This short video made by the History Channel […]

Political and Presidential Election Small Talk Dos and Don’ts in the USA

In Small Talk training programs in India, Indian professionals are divided on whether or not talking about politics is acceptable at work. While my personal experience as an American working in India has shown me in general that Indians are more comfortable talking about politics at work, there are definitely certain people, even in India, […]

My Clock Didn’t Change for Fall Back – What Happens?

Because not all time pieces reset automatically when traveling over time zones or on the weekends of spring ahead or fall back, some people wonder,  “Will I be on time or late for work on Monday if I forget to adjust my clock on for the November time change?”   The November time, change, also […]


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