Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

Posted On: April 19, 2015

We have been creating cross-cultural training success stories since 2011. The case studies in this blog were collected between 2011-2016. For a chronicle of cross-cultural training success stories from 2011-present, see our Cross Cultural Training Programmes Track Record.

Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

Success Story – Cabot Solutions:   

Building a Convincing Professional Brand with Canadian Counterparts   
Client context: A mobility solutions provider with Canadian clients wanted a cross-cultural soft-skills trainer with an in-depth understanding of client requirements.  
Client challenges: Cultural competency, time management, business English skills (phone and e-mail), virtual presentation skills, and clear speaking skills (accent neutralization), keeping people in the loop.   
Authentic Journeys’ Solution: We mentored Tech Leads, Associate Project Managers, Solution Architects, and Software Engineers to polish their global leadership presence in virtual and face-to-face environments. 

Title Customer-facing Skills with UK Stakeholders Improve Call Handling   

Client context: A business-to-business conveyancing provider, coordinating legal aspects of property sales with UK-based stakeholders.    
Client challenges: Call handling processing delay due to communication and customer service challenges arising from cultural and linguistic differences.   
Authentic Journeys’ Solution: Targeted coaching for experienced conveyancers in handling the soft-skills aspects of call handling – opening the call, getting the attention of the stakeholder, resolving the matter, and being able to handle difficult calls. Client benefits An 80% call resolution rate on first attempt. Conveyancers initiate calls with more accuracy, connect with the appropriate stakeholder quicker, resulting in quicker case handling and resolution.   


“Taking a break after difficult calls helps me gather my thoughts, clear my head and prepare better for the next call.” 

“Making direct results in resolving more calls in a shorter period of time.”

“Clear speaking skills helps the person I am talking to know who I am, and what I am calling for.”  

Workforce Development – EY:   Trained Branding Business Writing (Jan 2014-Jun 2014 – 250 Benefited) 

1. Business Writing – Style This program introduces employees to the EY writing guidelines as per the EY branded style guide and corporate communication culture protocols. Also, employees are introduced to the legal implications of their writing to external as well as external counterparts.

2. Business Writing – Structure This program focused on business writing etiquette, crisp writing techniques and how to deliver complex messages in organized and convincing methods in various kinds of business communications such as emails, internal reports, meeting notes, and other official EY documents.

3. Onboarding Program (Nov 2013- Jan 2015 – 35 Benefited)  Facilitated onboarding programs for the newly formed BENE (Belgium-facing) and BRET (US-facing) teams on cross-cultural business skills, clear telephone and email communication skills, accent neutralization, and team building activities during the 2-month program.    

Professional Development Contentment India: 

US Culture Primer for Onsite Visits: Financial professionals 5-15 years of experience prepared for their first onsite visit. Topics included US office mannerisms and corporate culture, and communication expectations.    

Small Talk & Conversation Etiquette:
Professionals interacting with US clients learnt how to use small talk effectively in emails, phone, and in-person meetings     

Corporate Coaching:
Individuals were chosen to work 1:1 on targeted topics such as leadership presence, email writing, report writing, polishing corporate presence and client rapport building  

Email, Instant Messaging (IM), and Phone Skills:
Focusing on specific communication strategies for North American and Western European audiences, participants improved their professional communication etiquettes and productivity.   


Culture & Diversity Programs – UST Global:  

Training Programs at UST Global, Kochi, India

Finishing School: Prepared US bound H1-B visa holders for successful onsite client visits with a focus on daily interactions and communication expectations (250 Benefited) 

Client-facing Interview Skills: Prepared professionals to confidently engage with UK and US clients during interviews through learning how to communicate soft-skills, body language, and hard skills  

US Culture Basics for Rapport Building: Focused on American culture and work values aimed at improving customer relationships with US clients and stakeholders. (150 Benefited) 

Negotiating Tips and Convincing Strategies with Americans: In addition to tips on building solid business relations with Americans, we looked at how to use English convincingly in business with Americans, tone of voice, and influencing techniques.  

Training Programs at UST Global, Kochi, India

Customer Focused Solution Building: Building customer loyalty, trust and empathy throughout the customer lifecycle was highlighted in a global corporate context. Modules highlighted the dos and don’ts of small talk, meeting etiquette and communication skills for problem solving and resolving of tickets in an efficient and friendly manner. 


Corporate Coaching: Individuals are chosen to work 1:1 on targeted topics such as voice clarity, email writing, report writing, and client rapport building. Goal achievement was noted through improved communication and work performance as seen in increased 360 Performance Review and Customer Satisfaction Scores. 

Alpha New Employee Training: College to workplace training imparting general professional etiquette, personality development and communication skills as well as targeted modules specific to UST Global company culture and working with US clients. (UST Global Branded Training)    

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