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February 21, 2015

Going Onsite to the USA: Prepare for Long-Term Expat Assignments to the USA

Going Onsite? Prepare for Long-Term Expat Assignments to the USA

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This session, also known as the Expat to the US, will provide a context to understanding US Americans and US corporate culture better before international assignments to the States. Regardless if you are an IT professional, a software developer, financial expert, or business analyst, we have prepared a short cross-cultural orientation program just for you! 

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How you will feel better after working with us
“The US Culture Training was quite helpful for me. In fact, I was able to put much of the session into practice here in the US in real time. Starting from a handshake, food habits, public transport, usage of words, work culture, dress etiquette, meeting etiquette, and lot more. The bonus part is that she still keeps in contact with everyone and sends newsletters based on the season, climate, functions and festivals here in the US. This gives us enough heads up about the upcoming things/events in our pipeline. Jennifer is a true helper. I even reached out to her vial mail/calls for some of my personal issues/questions and she helped to the best of her ability. The course is a real value-add and I highly recommend it to people who are ready to start their stint in America.” ~Hari Krishnan

Hari (left), Vinod (above)

“This is the best and most interesting orientation I have ever had. I feel its importance after reaching the US. Especially to know about accommodation, leasing agreement, coins usage; like I didn’t know what a dime is. I just wanna thank Jennifer for spreading awareness about US culture in India. All the best for everyone who attends this session.” ~Vinod Subramanian

How this helps your team and why it's important 
This program helps you and your team hit the ground running when coming to the US. We can tailor the program to your unique business, personal and destination needs to reduce some of the stress that goes along with international travel and an overseas move. The topics we cover can help with any of the following: 
  • Knowing what to expect in international air travel
  • Preparing for going through immigration
  • An orientation to short term stays in hotels alone or with family
  • How to find a place to live (for longer term stays)  
  • Getting around (public transport, driving your own car, etc.)  
  • What to expect in the office environment  

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Audience Profile
Who attends this training? 
Overseas business visitors to the U.S. specifically visiting for work related assignments anywhere in the U.S. If any of the below criteria relate to your situation, we are ready to work with you or your team:
  • India-based Professionals preparing to go on international assignments to U.S.A, where they may stay or live for several weeks, months, or years.
  • Other nationalities who are not familiar with India who are working with Indians. 
  • Indian Expats in the U.S. who are preparing to repatriate or those who have already moved back to India.
  • Expats from India (Non-Resident Indian - NRI) or any other country who have spent extended period of time outside of their home country and want to learn about these topics in a 1:1 coaching or small group facilitation setting.  
  • New hires to your organization holding an H1B or L1 visa. Spouses on H4 or L2 visas also may attend. 

When can I attend this training program?
  • Before leaving your home country
  • After arriving in your host country (We can visit you onsite in the US to provide a program and provide services to help you set up your stay in the US.)
  • Upon returning to your home country (repatriation programs*)

Job Titles of Some Participants Include:
1. Business Analysts
2. System Analysts
3. Associate Manager
4. Delivery Manager
5. Global Program Manager
6. Infrastructure Analyst

7. Infrastructure Specialist
8. Program Manager
9. Project Lead
10. Senior .Net Developer
11. Senior Software Developer
12. Software Architect

13. Team Lead
14. Tech Lead
15. Technology Specialist
16. Test Analyst
17. Test Manager

Note: Professionals attending this training typically have a US visa in hand and have been working with US clients from India (offshore) for at least a several years. 

The program can be completed in as little as two hours or up to 8 hours depending on the modules and depth of knowledge required. We can complete these modules via Zoom or an online platform and schedule them as per your convenience.

Syllabus Overview:
Training Title: US Corporate Culture Training for Offshore Professionals 
Objective: Provide an overview of important business and personal etiquette tips to offer a reference point for building relationships with US counterparts. 

Topics Covered:
  • Typical Work Day
  • Some Behaviors/Mannerisms
  • 5 Work Values
Detail of Sections:
Typical Work Day
  • Schedules/Time Management
  • Meal-time Meetings
Small Talk with US Americans

Some Behaviors/Mannerisms
  • Meet & Greet / Handshakes / Eye Contact
  • Introductions & Small Talk Dos and Don’ts
  • Expected Behaviors
  • Pick up/Drop off
  • Public Mannerism – Crowds, Elevators, Doorways
  • Restroom Etiquette
  • Dress Code

Workplace Values
  • Separation of Personal & Professional Life
  • Preparing, Planning, Process
    Conference Call & Meeting Moderation Skills
    Meeting Coordination across time zones
    Tips on Meeting Etiquette, Agenda and Crisp Writing
Indian English vs. US American English
More examples, click here.
  • Time Sensitivity
    Meeting requests/regrets
    Negotiating Deadlines

    Indian vs. American “Yes”
    Respectful ways to disagree (say no)
  • Asking Questions
  • Pleasantries
    Please, thank you, excuse me
    Phone & Clear Speaking Skills
  • Importance of Putting it in Writing
    E-mail Etiquette
    Crisp Business Writing Tips
    IM Best Practices
    Use of English with Americans in Professional Settings
    US vs Indian English Games (pictured, right)
  • See our tailored program on Email and Business Writing.

Optional Topics:
  • Presentation Skills
  • English Speaking Assessments (Individual & Group)
  • Role Play - Out to Lunch
  • Role Play - Phone or Conference Call (Hold a mock meeting)

Facilitation Method:
Our method is a blend of coaching, advising, and training. This not only offers you a flexible approach, but an approach that is not dependent on traditional training or classroom learning.

Our goal is to make each session have tangible, practical outcomes that you can use on the job today with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

As a learner, if you opt for one on one coaching, you will take responsibility for your learning objectives and outcomes based on the highly interactive and individualized approach of our sessions.

Working with India: Cross Culture Training & Coaching Process

Options/ Customizations

Add these bells and whistles:
  • Destination modules: We can spend time talking about the specific city or cities your teammates are to visit. These modules are good for first time as well as seasoned international business travelers. 
  • On-the-job Etiquette: Based on the roles of the individuals traveling, their roles, purposes and types of interactions, we look at how to be successful in various scenarios (day-to-day office scenarios, one-off office visits, conferences, sales, presentations, after hours visits, happy hours, socializing and networking events, etc.).
  • One-on-one Executive Coaching: Individuals can be chosen to work one on one with our coaches to tackle cross-cultural business strategy, relationship building and other scenarios as they arise. 
  • Certificates: A digital certificate you can showcase as part of your career portfolio can be issued upon completion. 
  • Small Talk Newsletter: This newsletter, delivered to you about 10 times a year, just before most major U.S. holidays and observances will build context for non U.S. Americans to make connections with their US counterparts. Try it out for free below! 

U.S. Small Talk Newsletter

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