February 21, 2015

Going Onsite? Cross-Cultural Training for Indians Working With Americans

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This session, also known as the US Cultural Awareness Training (Finishing School), will provide a context to understanding Americans and US corporate culture better before international assignments to the States. Regardless if you are an IT professional, a software developer, financial expert, or business analyst, we have prepared a short cross-cultural orientation program just for you! 

Training Title: US Corporate Culture Training for Offshore Professionals 
Objective: Provide an overview of important business and personal etiquette tips to offer a reference point for building relationships with US counterparts. 

Topics Covered:

  • Typical Work Day
  • Some Behaviors/Mannerisms
  • 5 Work Values
Detail of Sections:

Typical Work Day

  • Schedules/Time Management
  • Meal-time Meetings

Some Behaviors/Mannerisms
  • Meet & Greet / Handshakes / Eye Contact
  • Introductions & Small Talk Dos and Don’ts
  • Expected Behaviors
  • Pick up/Drop off
  • Public Mannerism – Crowds, Elevators, Doorways
  • Restroom Etiquette
  • Dress Code

Workplace Values
  • Separation of Personal & Professional Life
  • Preparing, Planning, Process
    Conference Call & Meeting Moderation Skills
    Meeting Coordination across time zones
    Tips on Meeting Etiquette, Agenda and Crisp Writing
More examples, click here.
  • Time Sensitivity
    Meeting requests/regrets
    Negotiating Deadlines

    Indian vs. American “Yes”
    Respectful ways to disagree (say no)
  • Asking Questions
  • Pleasantries
    Please, thank you, excuse me

    Phone & Clear Speaking Skills
  • Importance of Putting it in Writing
    E-mail Etiquette
    Crisp Business Writing Tips
    IM Best Practices

    Use of English with Americans in Professional Settings
    US vs Indian English Games (pictured, right)
    Optional Topics:
    • Presentation Skills
    • English Speaking Assessments (Individual & Group)
    • Role Play - Out to Lunch
    • Role Play - Phone or Conference Call (Hold a mock meeting)

      Job Titles of Some Participants Include:
      1. Business Analysts
      2. System Analysts
      3. Associate Manager
      4. Delivery Manager
      5. Global Program Manager
      6. Infrastructure Analyst
      7. Infrastructure Specialist
      8. Program Manager
      9. Project Lead
      10. Senior .Net Developer
      11. Senior Software Developer
      12. Software Architect
      13. Team Lead
      14. Tech Lead
      15. Technology Specialist
      16. Test Analyst
      17. Test Manager

      Note: Professionals attending this training typically have a US visa in hand and have been working with US clients from India (offshore) for at least a several years. 

      Versions of this training have helped over 500 professionals prepare for their onsite business visits. This training session can be delivered virtually (with a coach or self-paced) or face to face to international assignees to the US, offshore professionals planning to visit American client sites, or those expat employees already working in the US looking to learn more about corporate workplace etiquette. For options on attending this training program, contact us for more information. 

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