February 22, 2015

Convince, Influence & Negotiate with US Americans

Have you found yourself in any of the following situations with US or Native English Speaking Westerners (US, Canada, Australia, UK):  
  • Wanting to change meeting times with clients or end the meeting early? 
  • Wanting to push back on deadlines or suggested time frames? 
  • Wanting to say no politely or negotiate on the tasks or features of a project, but not sure how to convince them? 
  • A more diplomatic way to discuss problems or pointing out mistakes during escalations? 
If yes, this one day seminar is for your team! 

Convincing Western counterparts is a learned skill. 
This one-day session will expose participants to the psychological, communication and cultural skills that help to persuade Americans.

8-Hour Program Syllabus 

Participants will learn, discuss and practice:
  • Myths of Negotiation 
  • 6 Ways to Persuade – Emotionally Based 
  • 7 Ways to Convince – Factual Based 
  • Learn & Apply Diplomatic Phrases for Negotiation & Relationship Building 
  • 3 Phases of the Negotiation Process - Preparation, Negotiation, Follow-Up

Audience Profile:
  • A good grasp of English is required. 
  • Sessions tailored for professionals with 5-25 years of experience. 
  • Candidates with regular interaction with Western native-English speaking clients (phone, email, IM) 
  • Team leads or representatives handling difficult situations and critical discussions. 
  • Offshore team members in global locations or expat employees or business people in the US wanting US culture training on advanced communication tips and Western mindset. 
  • For groups - A maximum of 20 candidates can attend this session.
  • For individuals - in-person or virtual guided webinars available (self-paced or guided with facilitator)

Job Titles of Some Participants Include:
  • Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Team Lead 

  • Customized role plays Trainer will work with team leads or HR to create custom role plays or mocks based on your specific client need. 
  • Recordings during the training.** Trainer will record groups enacting mocks/role plays and give more detailed feedback 
  • Recordings outside the training. Trainer will have access to recordings of client phone calls for analysis of real time communication 
  • Select employees can continue 1:1 or small group work with the trainer after the classroom sessions end

Gauge of Costs: 
Session fees are set based on: Current rates, Number of Participants, and Customizations 
Please contact us to discuss your group details and requirements for your quote.

Participant Feedback:
  • “How to say yes and no in a diplomatic and professional way.” 
  • “How our voice and words impact the tone of a message.” 
  • “Now I understand negotiation is a communication skill. I have to keep learning and practicing to get better!” Participants from UST Global, Kochi & Bangalore
  • UST Global Bangalore
    Participants in Bangalore, March 2014
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