How we Help India-Based Teams Work With US American Clients

Posted On: January 25, 2019

Attendees Share The Benefits of Our Programs

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Our Training & Training Chronicle 
Names, projects, photos, logs used with permission.

Client: Advenser
Our Role: Sales Team & Client Facing Coaching
Since 2015
Provided communication and coaching to teams and employees working with onsite prospective clients and current clients outside of India. 

Learning about the USA

Upskilling our team to work across cultures

Client: Talking Chalks

Our Role: Cross Cultural Business Consultant
Since July 2020
Facilitated online onboarding sessions for virtual tutors to prepare for facilitating learning with US based students. In addition, I provide consulting around course development, program promotion (webinars), and marketing communication.

Client: Undisclosed
Our Role: Communication & Virtual Team Facilitator
Since May 2018
Worked with completely virtual work from home team members dispersed across India to work more effectively in a virtual environment as well as providing customer support to US Americans. 

Client: Undisclosed
Our Role: India Culture Subject Matter Expert
Since May 2018
Provided insight into working effectively with counterparts from India and delivered an in-person program in the US to US Americans working with teammates in India. 

See our program on Working Effectively on Global Teams Between the US and India Cross-Cultural Training.

Client: Wishtree Technologies

Our Role: Virtual Business Consultant
July 2018 – Present
Facilitated discussions that provide a strategic roadmap to cross-cultural business relationship building.

Culture Consultant Helped me with Business Trip to the USA

Client: Cabot Technology Solutions Inc

Our Role: Building Rapport on Virtual, Co-located Teams
May 2013 – Present
Fast track software developers are selected for targeted, on-going workshops to fine-tune client-facing skills in virtual environments (Skype, email,chat, IM) and over the phone. Candidates learn to how to negotiate the cultural differences and expectations while working with US Americans and Canadians.

Software Development Team

Strategy Planning for Talent Management
Improving Client Interfacing with Our Developers

Client: ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our Role: Working With US Americans on Virtual Teams
October 2013 – Present
Cochin Area, India
Provided cultural business orientation programs to developers working on virtual teams with US Americans.

Working on Virtual, Global Teams

Team building activities

Client: Litmus7 Systems Consulting

Our Role: US Culture Expert & Facilitator
July 2012 – Present
Cochin Area, India
Provide context building to work effectively with Americans onsite or on virtual teams on a consultant basis.

Team building activities

We learned about Team Culture

Client: Cascade Revenue Management – An AIMA Group Company

Our Role: Individualized Corporate Coaching
May 2015 – July 2018 (3 years 3 months)
Cochin Area, India
Consults with individuals and small groups to identify and improve customer service interaction strategies, workflow, team development, and management approaches. All coaching and training is conducted with language and fluency coaches over the telephone. Works along side management to provide a comprehensive development approach and upskilling program for employees to enhance internal and external communication with global stakeholders and clients. 

Client: Techolution
Our Role: US Culture Expert & Communication Consultant
June 2015- December 2017
Provided group and 1-1 coaching to developers in India to work more effectively with US Americans.

Enjoying Meals with Teams in Andhra Pradesh

Client: Armia Systems, Inc

Our Role: Engaging With Americans in Sales and Beyond
June 2018 – June 2018 (1 month)
Cochin Area, India
Enhanced the customer service approach with US Americans through targeted consultation and coaching with the focus on solving pressing cross-cultural misunderstandings and communication challenges.

Armia Smart City, Kochi

Client: Fragomen (India)

Our Role: Culture and Communication Facilitation
April 2015 – April 2018 (3 years 1 month)
Provided programs in Working with Americans, Preparation for Expat Assignments to the U.S., Email Skills, Team Building and Business Communication Skills.


Fragomen Kochi Team

Client: MariApps Marine Solutions

Role: Documentation Consultant
January 2017 – June 2017 (6 months)
Cochin Area, India
Provided 1:1 and small group coaching to members of cross-sectional teams on best practices in writing Software User Manuals/Guides, website copy and marketing materials. Created Style Guide for writing teams to utilize based on best practices identified in brainstorming sessions.

Client: UST Global

Role: Virtual Team and Cross-Culture Business Communication Trainer
July 2013 – current (7 plus years)
Cochin Area, India 
With expertise in onsite and offshore facilitation, Authentic Journeys has so far trained close to 400 people in UST Global. Liaised with the HR and Training Departments as well as Team Leads to carry out training needs analysis (TNA), instructional design, program creation, branding, implementation, session delivery, follow-up, correlation, and feedback analysis for offshore (India-based) and onsite (US-based) teams. Delivered training to staff in India (Kochi, Trivandrum, Bangalore, and Chennai) and in the US (Indians and Americans).

UST Global Kochi
 More Pictures & Information about Our Work with UST Global

Client: UST Global
Role: Destination Services Consultant and Pre-Departure Trainer
July 2013 – March 2017 (3 years 9 months)
Created and facilitated the US Culture Awareness Training Program that was delivered to those approved to travel onsite to the U.S. from India. This program was delivered to more than 1,500 IT professionals of various ranks. More about this program here.

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Client: EY

Role: International Team Builder/Facilitator
November 2013 – January 2017 (3 years 3 months)
Cochin Area, India
Provided classroom and individualized coaching to improve team dynamics and communication across global borders. 

US Trainer in Kerala

We improved service delivery after the sessions

Feedback: “I never imagined that by changing my emailing skills I could save time in getting work done. I was often frustrated as my U.S. colleague was not answering my emails or turning in work on time, which delayed my work as well. I often had to escalate these problems to my manager, who would email and call the colleague to sort out the issue. I never realized that changing afew simple approaches to writing email subject lines, using a few American English words and making small talk in emails would be so helpful. Within a month of applying Jennifer’s tips, my manager received about 75% less escalation requests from me, making it possible for him to spend his time on more productive work.” ~Global Team Member at EY, Kochi, India

Business Writing Programs

Client: Applexus
Role: Expat Preparation Coach
June 2015 – July 2016
Prepared team members to travel to the US through visa coaching and predeparture travel and cultural training programs. 

Technopark Phase II

Client: QMiS Systems

Role: Professional, Polished Phone Skills for U.S. Facing Processes
February 2016 – May 2016 (4 months)
Cochin Area, India
This program had the following objectives:
1. Improve Enunciation and Clear Speaking Skills
2. Apply Professional Phone Handling Skills
3. Understand the Mindset of Americans to Provide Culturally-Relevant Customer Service

QMiS team in 2016
Jennifer Kumar, author of this post, with some of the QMiS team in 2016,

Our team is more comfortable working across cultures

Client: Wrench
Role: Accent & Virtual Communication Consultant
Aided teams over a several month period to speak with more confidence and clarity working on global, virtual teams over digital platforms. This was achieved through classroom settings, homework, recording and meeting analysis and role plays.

Wrench Solutions

Accent & Communication Consultant Praise

Client: Suyati
Role: Sales Localization Coaching
Aided a sales team in creating a compelling strategy for an online and phone marketing campaign. We compared sales tactics between the US and India to create a compelling pitch that would work well with US prospects, but maintaining an Indian flair.

Infopark Training Programs to work with US Citizens

Client: 123RPO
Role: Communication & Culture Trainer
Provided training and consulting to aid the team in providing culturally competent and targeted messages to their US stakeholders.

Training Program in Bangalore

Helping offshore team to communicate with US Americans

Client: Contentmentindia
Role: Corporate Communication and US Culture Coaching
May 2012 – April 2016 (4 years)
Bengaluru Area, India
Communication and culture skills training for those on virtual teams.Predeparture US culture training for international assignees and to be expats. Company: Amba, Moody’s Analtyics

Helping Talent to Think and Communicate with Clarity and Poise

See more training feedback here. 

Client: GSTI

Role: US English Marketing and Sales Assistance
October 2013 – July 2015 (1 year 10 months)
Cochin Area, India
Consulted, edited and wrote copy for company’s marketing materials that would be circulated to a US American audience.

Codework Solutions
Role: Coach for Sales and North American Business Culture
Provided ongoing sessions to employees to work more effectively across cultures in virtual and digital environments. 

Codework Solutions, Thapasya
Working better with Canadians

Client: Xcova

Role: Customer Service Coach
November 2013 – June 2015 (1 year 8 months)
Analyzed corporate communication in relation to customer service and phone call process for Legal Conveyancers working with UK and international stakeholders. Provided tailor made culturally-relevant communication, accent neutralization, and mindset training for improved call handling and call resolution.

Team Xcova

Cross-cultural training for legal professionals in India

Client: Allianz

Role: Hosting US Clients in India
May 2015 – May 2015 (1 month)
Thiruvananthapuram Area, India
Prepared teams to interface with US clients on their visit to India.

Technopark Kerala Allianz Team

Client: CCS Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Role: Business & Corporate Communication Specialist
July 2014 – January 2015 (7 months)
Spearheaded an organization wide initiative standardizing corporate communications spanning over 5 months, benefiting 150 employees. Topics included meeting etiquette (in-person and phone), phone skills, business English and email skills. See this cool blog with some activities we did in this particular training program. 

Working with CCS Technologies in Kerala

Client: Tutorwaves Solutions Inc.

Role: US Culture Consultant
March 2013 – March 2014 (1 year 1 month)
Two day onboarding programs for Indian professionals working as tutors to grade school and high school students in the US. Overview of the US education system, small talk with students and parents, culture of education,and teaching philosophy of American teachers. Call handing, sales, and rapport building strategies for engaging American,Indian-American and NRI parents.

US Culture Training for Tutors
Cultures of Education

Client: Third Wave Business Systems
Role: Leadership and Communication on Virtual Teams
August 2013 – January 2014 (6 months)
Cochin Area, India
Small group and individualized business leadership coaching provided to team members to build cross-cultural teams.

Third Wave Business Systems

I learned to make small talk with clients

Client: Microsoft
Role: Offshore Team Culture Educator
November 2013 – December 2013 (2 months)
Provided Western Business Communication & Culture sessions to over 50 Indian IT professionals based in Hyderabad and Bangalore who were in the process of transitioning to US, UK, Australian and Canadian offshore projects. 

Microsoft India Team

Client: Arbitron India

Role: Working With Americans Programs
June 2012 – August 2013 (1 year 3 months)

US Culture Training for Virtual Teams

What people liked about the program:
“Through the role play, I could learn what the U.S. people like and dislike, the gestures to be made, and how to start a conversation, how to greet people, how to start a voice mail, and finally how to talk to a U.S. college through the phone.” ~Maria

“From this 2 ½ day training, I came to know more about you and your character. You just changed my image that I already had about American people and their culture. Thanks a lot! You were just brilliant! Love you sooo…. Much!…..

About the training, I think we had all that we wanted. Through activities like ‘rocket launch’ and ‘role play’ of American cultural situations, we learned how to develop team spirit, more about each other’s qualities, and how to talk and behave in different situations. Games on presentations and summarizing helped me to raise my confidence level. Your encouragement was absolutely fantastic for me! Thank you! Take care! God bless you and your family.” ~Shijina

“We learnt about American values, how to communicate with people across borders, so many things about the U.S., eating manners and so on. We were enlightened learning everything about the U.S.” ~Laxmi

Client: Global Force
Role: Communication Consultant
Global Force, Inc. founder, Randy Bassin, operates an all-English speaking office in Kochi. His workers had previous training to build confidence in speaking but still found it difficult to understand the American accent and pronounce English words so that Americans understood them. Randy contacted Jennifer to enroll the workers in the “Introduction to American Accent” training. Jennifer taught them to pronounce difficult sounds found in English that do not exist in many Indic languages and how to identify sound combinations in American speaking patterns. The training includes role-plays, self-analysis, coaching and completion certificates.

What participants took away from the sessions:
“I learned how to be more polite while sending e-mail requests. I also learned how to combine words and sounds [in American English].” ~ Shimmi

“It’s not important to enact the same accent, but to understand it, so we can communicate better with the client.” ~Linda

Being direct is not always polite in American English.” ~Tony

“I learned tips on how to talk in English more slowly and clearly so Americans can understand me better.” ~Praveen PS

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