Will I Be Late or Early if I Don’t Spring Forward?

Recently, a good question was emailed to Authentic Journeys, “Will I early or late to work if I do not change springtime in my clock?”  While the question’s wording should be changed to, “Will I be early or late to work if I do not move my clock forward for daylight savings time?”, I will […]

Put Our Heads Together – Idioms at Work

Let’s put our heads together to solve this problem! “Let’s put our heads together to think of some good ideas for our new project!”  “Putting our heads together” means to “brainstorm” or think of new ideas or solutions with one or more people. Typically, when said in the office, it is a positive way to […]

Can Expats Drive in the US?

Because many Indian offshore team members know there are many rules to follow while driving in the US, and no one wants to get pulled over by the police for breaking the law, many ask , “What are the driving rules in the US? What do you suggest?”     How do I get a driver […]

Shooting the Breeze – Small Talk Idioms

In an earlier post, I shared idioms about talking. One of the idioms was “shoot the breeze.” “Shooting the breeze” is an idiom that actually means making small talk. Listen to Andrea from Study with Andrea shares her tip on this idiom. Following the video, let’s look at two examples of using this idiom.    […]

St. Patrick’s Day in the USA & Small Talk

Where I grew up, St. Patrick’s Day was a day that everyone had to wear green. Anyone could observe it. You did not have to be Irish to do so. In fact, I doubt there were any Irish people in the small town I lived in! This post will introduce you to St. Patrick’s Day […]

Friday the 13th – Are Americans Superstitious?

This is a question many Indians ask me in the US cross-cultural training programs – “Are Americans superstitious?”  They are surprised when I say, yes some are! Americans have various superstitions. While not all Americans believe in all of the below superstitions, many Americans believe they are not superstitious. But, the below cultural approaches do […]

3 Ways Indians Can Fit into US Work Culture

There’s no doubt that working in the US as an expat can provide a fertile plain for professional growth. Pawan Kumar Sharma, an Indian from Mumbai who has been working in Omaha, Nebraska for almost a year shares some his impressions on the US work culture and American’s tendency to draw hard lines between professional and […]

Small Talk Idiom – “On the Rocks”

Understanding idioms used in business discussions is important. Possibly, more important is understanding idioms or phrases used in casual discussions in the break room, in transit, or during lunch. In this series, I’ll share some idiom tutorials by Andrea of Study with Andrea. Today’s idiom is “On The Rocks.” It has two meanings. Take a […]

How DST Impacts Indian Offshore Teams

If you work onsite in the US or an American working with Indians, this post will give a glimpse into how those in the subcontinent handle the time change.  What do Indians Think of DST?  Daylight Saving Time is not observed in India. Due to this, there is some confusion with Indians new to global […]

Training Programs for Offshore Teams in India

If you are looking for training programs for offshore teams in India, look no further. Our programs are tailored to boosting the cross-cultural effectiveness of teams based in India working with US Americans. All of the programs listed here were delivered in person in India between 2011-2018, when Jennifer was living in Kochi, India. Since […]

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