Building Trust & Good Relationships with US Clients

Posted On: September 17, 2020

Is your software team based in India? (Or outside of the US?) 
Do you work with US Clients from offshore or as an expat in the US?
Are you looking for tips and strategies for building trust & good relationships with US Clients?
If you are wondering how your team can better connect and work with US counterparts, look no further! 
Let’s learn simple tips you can apply in your daily interactions that will dramatically improve your comfort level in interacting with US clients in a wide variety of situations from small talk to more difficult interactions such as talking about timelines, deadlines, feature changes, and so on. 
In this two hour seminar we will talk about:
  • the three types of small talk
  • where and how to use these different types of small talk
  • the dos and don’ts of small talk
  • how to push back or say no, not only in a face-saving way (to both sides), but in a way that improves your technical know-how and consulting expertise
Strategies we share will help you to build your visibility and profile with your US clients. 
Who can participate?
  1. You can contact us for 1:1 interactions
  2. Or, we can sign up an unlimited number of participants from your team or company for the same cost!

Building Trust & Good Relationships with US Clients 

In this program you will learn the three kinds of small talk, where and how to apply it for maximum effectiveness. This program can be delivered 1:1, small team, or to an unlimited amount of team members. The smaller the group, and the more time we have, the more time we have for practice. 
For large teams, we can cover all material as a seminar within 1 (2 hour) session. Sessions for teams or individuals can extend up to 4-5 hours depending on the requirement.
Program Outline:
Module 1: Small Talk in US Workplaces
This introduction covers importance of small talk, places to use small talk, and how it’s used in business communication.
Module 2: Personal Small Talk
Section 1: Use in meetings and emails
Section 2: Acceptable topics
Section 3: Avoidable topics
Section 4: Cautionary topics
When we talk about the topics, we look at how to form questions, how questions may be formed in American English, the types of responses one may expect, and tips and strategies on how to keep the conversation flowing in addition to transitioning between small talk and business talk. The more time we have in the program, the more time we have to practice and share experiences, and also try out in between sessions.
Module 3: Work-Related Small Talk
Section 1: Use in meetings and emails
Section 2: Questions about Process
Section 3: Planning or Scheduling
Section 4: Time Management
Module 4: Pleasantries
Section 1: Use in meetings and emails
Section 2: Polite Phrases
Section 3: Conversational Transitions
Section 4: Questions to show politeness
Jennifer Kumar, facilitator, has been working with professionals in the Indian software and outsourcing industry for the past 10 years. She builds you and your teams to work effectively across cultures with US Americans. The programs builds confidence in interacting with US Americans in a wide variety of daily work situations which build credibility and enhance your profile and credibility with US clients. See a list of our completed projects with testimonials or learn more about Jennifer here.
Contact us using the form below or via WhatsApp (+91 95 39347529), US SMS/Voice: (385-218-0947). 
Blurb for social media:
Over 2,000 professionals from 50 companies have learnt the secrets to using the three kinds of small talk to enhance, build trust and evolve long-lasting relationships with US counterparts while working offshore or as expats in the US.  #smalltalk #workingwithamericans #businessenglishcoach #businessenglish


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