Put Our Heads Together – Idioms at Work

Posted On: March 30, 2015

Meaning of the idiom "putting our heads together"
Let’s put our heads together to solve this problem!

“Let’s put our heads together to think of some good ideas for our new project!” 

“Putting our heads together” means to “brainstorm” or think of new ideas or solutions with one or more people. Typically, when said in the office, it is a positive way to encourage people to come together as partners or as a group to tackle pressing issues (solving problems).

For instance, the group pictured in this post put their heads together to deliver a creative communication solution during a training program in Kottayam (see their results here). 

Another related idiom could be “back to the drawing board,” which means to forget everything or get rid of what has been completed so far and start over with new ideas.



This video is published by Study with Andrea. Embedded with permission.

To learn more idioms used onsite with American coworkers, refer to the below PDF: 

American English Idioms Used at Work (Sports and other Phrases) from Authentic Journeys


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