Working with US Clients – Program Feedback

Posted On: May 15, 2021

Program Feedback from Our Sessions on Working with US Clients 


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Video Transcript:

It was nice to interact with Jennifer on the Q&A session. The session deals with how we can handle the clients during the business call. She’s having a bundle of practical tips and suggestions which we can adopt during a call with the clients, especially US clients, which is difficult to find through online searches. It improved our overall confidence a lot. I think she’s a person we can depend on for consulting or mentoring while working with US clients for general business communication or to know more about US business culture. I’m really grateful to Jennifer for the valuable tips and suggestions she provided during that session.


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Hi everyone. I’m Lallu. I had attended the sessions conducted by Jennifer Kumar. These sessions were really helpful. She gave us a deep insight into how to work with American clients. Some of the valuable points which I learned from the sessions were the importance of arriving early to a meeting and how the small talks can actually become the icebreakers. Jennifer encouraged all of us to put into use whatever we learned from the sessions. We had followed her suggestions and we got benefited. I would encourage all of you to attend the sessions and get benefited just like me. Thank you, Jennifer, for your wonderful sessions. I’m looking forward for more sessions from you.


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I had a lot of doubts regarding how to politely ask the doubts of new requirements and some late extension for the delivery date to some blockers. Jennifer helped me to sort out these type of issues and she shared a lot of blogs related to these types of doubt, and it really helped me to sort out these type of issues. Yeah. Thanks, Jennifer. Thanks for your great session. Thanks.


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