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June 30, 2015

Filler Words: Eliminate For Clearer Communication

Quite literally, perhaps words just got in the way of really clear communication. If you really want to get people to quite literally do really amazing things, it’s better to be really, very clear about the stuff that you talk about!  

The above opening stuffs all of the words that author Shanna Mallon of the Entrepreneur Magazine suggests not to use or avoid to the greatest extent to pack more punch in your communication. I would agree with her. To add to this list, it’s a good idea to avoid and cut out words like but, however, therefore, so, and, and a few other conjunctions. Especially when sentences are more than 12 to 15 words, keeping this in mind will help to avoid run-on sentences. I talk more about this in this post (click here).  

If I were to rewrite the opening without the “banned” words, it’d be something like this: 

The use of filler words can get in the way of clear communication. If we want to convince our employees to achieve more and be exemplary leaders, motivational communication is key. 

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