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Posted On: July 19, 2013

What can I do in my spare time to improve my English pronunciation? 
What can do in the privacy of my own home to practice speaking better English? 

Try the reading, listening, and shadowing in the exercises below. 

Free tutorials and classes on speaking English clearly

Accent & Pronunciation Exercises – with video and audio demos:
The AW Sound in American English
B and P
J and Z
V and W
Words ending in TION  
L and R (Video by Jennifer)  
TH Sound (Video by Jennifer)  
American R  
New York & Newark  

English Conversational Exercises:
Analyzing Group Discussions  
Phrases to use in Group Discussions (How to Hold a Conversation)  
Stop Speaking to Start Speaking Better  
What is a Group Discussion (GD)?  

Exercises to improve overall pronunciation and enunciation:  
Importance of deep breathing in pronouncing American English  
Why dropping the jaw helps pronounce English more clearly  
English Alphabets – Native Speaker Spelling vs. Kerala/Malayalee Spelling 

Listening Exercises:
How Songs Help Us Understand When Americans Speak Fast
(Listening comprehension for T+Y=CH/J, as in Did you eat your food? Becomes Dija eecha food?)
American TV Show Clips to Practice Listening Comprehension 
Stop Speaking to Start Speaking Better!  
Weather reports – with more local slangs, idioms and faster speech – can you follow?

Listen and try to repeat these short sentences about India in an American Accent 
How to say “How I Met Your Mother” in an American Accent

Tone & Feeling:

How word stress and other factors impact how messages are understood 
Speaking English With Feeling (Don’t sound like a robot!)   

Word Combining:
Common Questions in American English
Video by another trainer on a few common questions and how they may sound when Americans talk fast.  

Jennifer Kumar, blog owner, provides communicative and spoken English sessions for Indians to improve communication and cross-cultural understanding with American and Western clients. Contact her for more information.  

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