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October 24, 2015

Phrases to Use When You Forget What You're Talking About

We've all had those moments... where out of the blue while talking our mind just goes blank.  

Have you ever started talking, and in the middle of your sentence forgot what you were saying? 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t just happen to you. You are not alone. It happens to everyone at some point regardless of speaking in your mother tongue or a second language. Many that come to Authentic Journeys fear that U.S. or foreign clients will think they do not know English if they lose their place while speaking. But, again remember that native speakers lose their place, too. (You are also a native speaker of some language, and I am sure you sometimes forget what you are talking about in your first language, right?) And they are supposed to know English! So, what can you do in these situations? You can use some filler words and phrases. 

Lindsay and Michelle of All Ears English share their favorite phrases to use when their mind goes blank. Listen to the podcast below for their ideas.

If you are not able to see the embed, follow this link for the podcast.
In addition to Lindsay and Michelle’s ideas, some of my personal favorites also include:
  • Where were we?
  • Sorry, what was it we were just discussing?
  • It just escaped me. Can you refresh my memory?

All Ears English is a cool podcast with native speakers speaking on various topics related to English language learning, IELTS preparation, and American culture. The podcasts are free and downloadable. To view the most current podcasts, visit the All Ears English website.

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