Communication Strategies For Successful Conversations

Communication Strategies For Successful Conversations – Top 5 Posts of 2013  Top most read: How to Make Eye Contacts with US Americans With Video Tutorial Second trending blog: Phrases to use in Group Discussions 3rd most popular communication strategy: Common Questions in American Small Talk: “How did it go?” 4th Most Clicked Blog: Open Your […]

Why Americans Expect Counterparts to Ask Questions

This is a hot topic in my coaching engagements and management seminars. I am often assigned to work with up and coming managers and even seasoned managers with 5-20 years of experience to help them “take initiative” and “ask questions.” When we start the sessions, I am often asked, “Why do Americans expect me to […]

Hari’s Coaching Success Story

Today, one of my first clients in India (from 2011) will share his personal coaching success story. Hari’s Coaching Success Story Since knowing Jennifer, my main achievements have been:  Speaking at several events, including Open Source India and Bar Camp Kerala  Writing articles for the reputed Australian based site, Sitepoint (among others)  Compiling a book […]

Thanksgiving: The US Harvest Festival in November

The fourth Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving in the US. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival (similar to Pongal or Onam in India). It commemorates the day the Native Americans and Pilgrims befriended each other and shared their first feast together near to Plymouth Rock in the state of Massachusetts.  Typically most Americans have the […]

Jennifer Kumar in Malayalam Magazine Vanitha

English translation the article that appeared in the Malayalam magazine, Vanitha in 2013. Read the Malayalam version here at the end of this page.    Every Onam brings fond memories of banana chips, feasts and floral arrangements (pookkalams) for Jennifer. Jennifer Kumar, who is a native of the US, eagerly awaits the festival of Onam every year just like […]

Do I Stutter or Mumble?

In the previous post, I discussed about stuttering. Some may be new to this term, thinking mumbling and stuttering are the same. Mumbling is different than stuttering.   Comparing Mumbling and Stuttering: Mumbling is when:   You do not open your mouth when you speak  May breathe shallowly and quickly  Jaw doesn’t open wide enough […]

What is Stuttering? Is it the same as Halting and Jarring Speech?

In a previous post, I discussed the problem of halting and jarring speech noticed in some Kerala IT professionals while speaking in English. I was asked by a reader of the blog if that is the same as stuttering.  This is indeed a good question. My initial reaction is they are related, but not the […]

Cris: A Spaniard in India (A Spanish & English Interview)

This second bilingual post on Authentic Journeys is in Spanish and English. The Spanish version is first. Scroll below for the English version.   Cristina, española, ha estado viviendo en Bangalore, India durante casi tres años. Ella es autora de un blog sobre la cultura india en español para lectores de habla hispana en todo […]

Get the Right Flow to Spoken English

Thought groups are groups of phrases in sentences or statements that are “naturally” grouped together while speaking. Every language has them. Thought groups bring a pace and a flow to a language. It helps to create it’s “musical quality.” In the previous post introducing this topic, we reviewed a number of audio clippings with examples […]

What is Halting and Jarring Speech in American English?

After conducting a number of Spoken English assessments with Malayalees in Kerala, the client comes to me and says,  “Jennifer, you have said I have jarring or halting speech. What is this? What does it mean?” Jarring and halting speech has many of these qualities: the speaker breaks the words up in a sentence in […]

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