Hari’s Coaching Success Story

Posted On: September 24, 2013

Today, one of my first clients in India (from 2011) will share his personal coaching success story.

Hari’s Coaching Success Story

Since knowing Jennifer, my main achievements have been: 

  • Speaking at several events, including Open Source India and Bar Camp Kerala 
  • Writing articles for the reputed Australian based site, Sitepoint (among others) 
  • Compiling a book on Aura PHP


Hari's Coaching Success Story

Hari’s Coaching Success Story


My dream is to be a public speaker. Jennifer’s positive energy and coaching helped me to gain the confidence in my English skills to present in various venues in Kerala and in Bangalore as a speaker at technical events. The main things that I have learnt and applied are:

      • Thinking about the audience and being more specific while preparing my presentations and communications with others.
      • Avoiding terms better understood by my clients/audience in place of the vague terms that may not be familiar with everyone.
      • Taking more time to research and collect information before giving a presentation.
      • Reduce usage of local language terms as people outside of Kerala and India may not be familiar with these terms. This reduces audience confusion.
      • Thinking before speaking or writing. Techniques learnt in sessions and blog posts (such as the one on how to reduce the usage of “but”) have helped me to communicate more clearly.
      • Reading more books to improve my vocabulary and language knowledge.
Hari has recently submitted a blog post to this blog on the topic of Public Speaking Tips. Read it here.

Jennifer says:
I enjoyed immensely working with Hari. Hari has good insight into his life, his communication and how to move forward in life. I appreciate and am inspired by his positive, go-getting attitude. He’s always willing to be humble to learn and try to apply new things to be more successful. He’s open to searching for the best answer to any question he asks. He is good at using his resources and also applying his knowledge. Recently, Hari has taken all of his knowledge and with the support of his family started his own business as a freelance PHP Developer/Consultant. Meet Hari through his website, click here

To know more about personalized corporate and spoken English coaching with Jennifer, click here.


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