35+ Ideas of Things To Do on H4

Posted On: April 5, 2011

Living in the USA on an H4 visa can be frustrating. Let’s talk about ideas of things to do on H4 so you can feel more interested in living in the US as a “trailing spouse.” Sitting at home staring at the four walls wondering how to spend your time on a H4 or F2 visa? Just because you can’t work and make money doesn’t mean you have to sit idle, bored, listless and frustrated!


Feeling Jobless on H4? 35+ Ideas of Things To Do on H4!

  1. Learn cooking
  2. Blog
  3. Find local clubs of your hobby or interest
  4. Figure out how to get a driver license
  5. Volunteer in your field of expertise (take care with this depending on your visa status) 
  6. Learn about finances and manage household finances
  7. Americanize your resume/ CV and get it critiqued
  8. Go back to college
  9. Learn more about American culture
  10. Become an apprentice
  11. Work on getting EAD based on your spouse’s immigration status
  12. Get a pet
  13. Start a family
  14. Learn about your local community
  15. Treat your home life like a job and plan your day as if it were your job
  16. Explore your true interests and hobbies
  17. Self-improvement through life coaching
  18. Get a gym membership or use your apartment’s gym facilities, if available
  19. Learn a foreign language
  20. Americanize your English or increase confidence in talking to Americans
  21. Take the TOEFL
  22. Take GRE/GMAT
  23. Find out how to ‘Americanize’ your degree and update your qualifications to the U.S. standards
  24. Volunteer at your spiritual community (church, temple, mosque)
  25. Teach Americans about Indian culture or your Indian language
  26. Give Indian cooking classes
  27. Learn sewing or some arts and crafts
  28. Get involved in a community club
  29. Find out about international wives, expat groups, or newcomers clubs
  30. Network in your career field and find out how your career path is similar or different in USA.
  31. Join a book club
  32. Take free classes on line via MIT Open courses or search tutorials on YouTube
  33. Network in your career field
  34. Join Toastmasters
  35. Get involved in a charity
  36. Learn about other cultures by getting involved in other cultural organizations outside the Indian community
  37. Learn dance or music
  38. Get involved in your religious organization or local cultural associations


Did any of these almost 40 ideas resonate with you? If not, that’s ok. We can work together to brainstorm ideas that fit you, your personality, your career goals, interests, location, resources and other variables. I’m up for the challenge, are you?

So, you may now ask, “Jennifer you have given us so many ideas, how can I implement any of these ideas?”
Of course some ideas are easier said than done. One way to get these ideas implemented is by planning and talking with your spouse or other friends or family you already have in the U.S. However if your network in the U.S. is limited, that’s where a coach like me can fit in to help you fill in the gaps. I can help you in as little as two sessions brainstorm the aspects of your life that are most important to you and help you create goals to help you realize comfort before, during or after you shift to the U.S.


Authentic Journeys provides relocation assistance for your expat assignees, their spouses, and any children or family members. Check out all of the topics and modules on our course detail page.


Note: Advice given in this article if unclear should be advised by your attorney. As each person’s situation is different, and the laws change from time to time, it’s best to advise with your immigration attorney on some matters; especially in relation to making money or the exact nature of volunteer work.

Thank you for reading.

Author of this post, Jennifer Kumar, an American has experience planning moves abroad
having recently moved back to India for a second time. I understand the situations faced by dependent spouses and living in a new country trying to figure out how to fit in and find a place in a new community, country and culture. Feel free to follow her on Facebook by clicking here

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