Use Gap Analysis For Professional and Personal Development

Posted On: November 30, 2014

In this video, I explain how Gap Analysis helps us to set and achieve goals in the coaching process.  

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Video TranscriptGap analysis. What is this term gap analysis and how can it help you improve your soft skills, personality development and spoken English? 

Well, hello, everyone. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys, and I’m here to share with you about the answer to this question. So first, I would like to explain what is gap analysis now? I could ask the hundreds of MBA students in and around Kochi, India, “Tell me gap analysis..” and I would get probably ninety nine percent of the answers sounding exactly the same because why? They’re from the textbook.

My answer will sound like that because I’m going to tell it to you from my understanding of gap analysis, what I read about and remember up in my mind. Ok, so you can give me the grade on this. How do I do in explaining gap analysis through my understanding?

So first step of three steps is to analyze the current situation. That’s somewhere the status quo, the baseline down here. What is it like right now?

The second step is trying to understand where we want to be someplace in the future up here. The ideal? Ok?

And the third step is how do we bridge the current situation to the ideal or future situation? How do we bridge that gap?

So how do we bridge that gap?

Well, let me walk you quickly through the process. I would help you through in the gap analysis as some of this you can do right now on your own. Isn’t that great? So the first step that’s actually available to you right now is to download a PDF, of which the link will be somewhere near this video and this PDF is a self-analysis tool. (That PDF is no longer available.)

Various aspects of English are listed on this worksheet, such as speaking, reading, writing, listening, email, communication, etc. all different kinds of forms of communication. You will analyze yourself honestly about your English skills in various areas as you understand it right now. That’s step one of the gap analysis. Step two of the gap analysis is to take the information from that sheet and analyze it in such a way that you decide what areas you want to improve on. Rank those from number one to three. What are the top three to five areas you want to work on and identify a goal for each one? That’s step two. Where do you want to be those goals? And this gap is actually going to be minimized in the third step by creating smart goals and achieving them. Now, if you attended my seminars in and around Kochi, you would know that smart goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. It took me only a few years to actually memorize that. So you could sit down on your own if you’re so motivated and write up your own smart goals and you can analyze yourself as you go along or you can find a mentor. You can do this with your friends who are unbiased toward you or your teachers who can help you through it or a coach like me. I would actually sit down with you and even help you analyze yourself analysis.

Help you rank the things that you want to work on in order of importance to you and try to find ways to help you bridge that gap. Now, a main advantage of working with me is that I can also provide some additional support to you during the tutoring sessions, such as lessons. Different ways of learning English. Interacting with a native speaker, which is important in a country where maybe not everybody is a native speaker of English and other things that you would not get unless you actually came to the class with me. I know that sounds mysterious, but you have to try it to figure it out. So if you’d like to know more, first thing you can do is download the form. The link is someplace around this video. Do your self analysis. If you feel like you need assistance, do contact me. I, you know I’m willing to interact with you for the first session to see if we fit together. Are we a good match? And that first session is at no cost to you. But then if you decide you want to work with me, you can definitely work with me. And then of course, then then you’d have to pay. And if you work for a company, possibly they can sponsor you and I can be a training resource. So that’s a gap analysis in terms of improving soft skills, personality development and spoken English. So thank you so much for listening to this video and have a great day bye.


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