What is Kerala Piravi & Facts about Kerala

What is Kerala Piravi?  Kerala Piravi (Kerala Day) is the birthday of the state of Kerala is Southwestern India. See the map to the right. The red highlighted section is Kerala State.  When was the birthdate of Kerala?  November 1, 1956. As of 2019, Kerala turns 63! (Note: India’s Independence Day/Date is August 15, 1947.) […]

Small Talk Conversation Starters: Halloween

Looking for a list of questions you can use to start conversations with your American colleagues about Halloween? The questions in this post can be used at the water cooler, in the break room or over lunch to make small talk about Halloween, which falls on October 31 every single year!  Making Small Talk with US […]

What Does the Phrase ‘Turn Down’ Mean?

“I was turned down some 40 times before I was hired at this company!”  This was said by a person who applied for 40 different positions at the same company in different parts of the US. Apparently, he loved that company so much he kept trying until he got it!  I heard this sentence in […]

How Can a Language Consultant Help Me?

Language services encompasses areas of speaking (interpretation) and writing (translation). Clients have come to Authentic Journeys for help in both areas of language, especially when looking at translating and interpreting differences between different Global Englishes (with focus on Indian and American English).  Recently, I was able to attend a national symposium in the U.S. on […]


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