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Posted On: October 16, 2015

Case Studies in Virtual Team Effectiveness“I was always nervous to attend client meetings mainly due to the fact that my colleagues would not be responsible about their attendance. After consulting on this issue with Jennifer, we implemented a new process that helps us to communicate better internally. The impact is that now the client also can communicate with us better, we have improved our relationships with US clients, and also save time and get more work done. Now, we have implemented this process with all of our client meetings across projects.”
Development Manager with 10 plus years experience, Delhi  


“Working with Jennifer has increased my team’s confidence while communicating with clients and colleagues in English. I am impressed with the extra learning they had by just interacting with Jennifer. They have learned to value and manage time, keep others in the loop and updated of changes, and have learned the importance of mutual respect in a professional environment. I strongly recommend Jennifer as a coach to firms looking to develop quality communication skills of their team members.”
Venkatesh Thyagarajan
CEO, Cabot Solutions

Often it’s the simplest things that are the most complex to resolve. Some of the problems faced by outsourced teams span across disciplines. While some blanket solutions apply to many concerns, some of the problems faced by India off-site teams are specific to the company, the client and the project. Sometimes the problem is clearly defined, while other times, we have to undertake an analysis, and consult deeper into the situation to identify the real problem. This proves that what we think is the problem is often not the problem at all.

“Jennifer helped me to realize that my presentation skills in virtual team meetings and demos could be improved by a simple solution that can be implemented in every presentation. In fact, the problem as I identified it was not the real problem, it was only part of a bigger problem. With her coaching, we identified the real problem. She supported me to brainstorm good, sustainable, process-oriented solutions to this problem to help me streamline my preparation and delivery. As with any personal development, it takes time to change our behavior. Little by little, with consistent practice and analysis from Jennifer and my manager, I am making good progress. Now, after 3 months of coaching, my manager has the confidents to let me handle presentations on my own. This is a big step, and now he’s more productive and less stressed as he can attend to more of his work as well.”
Manager with 15 plus years experience, Bangalore

Yes, improving relationships with US clients is within reach, and with amazing results. The solutions provided surpass traditional cross-cultural training. Learn more by watching the video below:

Through the use of gap analysis for skill development and other feedback mechanisms, Authentic Journeys works with future managers and current leadership to improve communication and productivity on international, distributed software teams. For more information on how we can help your teams negotiate cultural differences from offshore or team members preparing to go onsite, contact us today.


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