April 10, 2015

In the Loop: Synonyms Meaning "Informed"

"Informed" is a word commonly used in Indian English. Using the word "informed" is another way to say "in the loop." 

The idiom "in the loop" is commonly heard in office conversations among US Americans. Let's look at some more synonyms for these words that Americans more commonly use along with examples of use.  

What are some other words or phrases to use instead of  "informed" or "in the loop?"

Original Word: Informed

Sample Sentence:
He informed us about the schedule change.
FormalUpdated He updated us about the schedule change.

Communicated He communicated the schedule change by voice mail.

Notified He notified us about the schedule change by voice mail.

Disclosed He disclosed the schedule change to us through instant messenger (IM).

Educated He educated us about the schedule change through instant messenger (IM)..

Kept us posted He kept us posted about the schedule change through instant messenger (IM)..

Everyday English Let (me/him/us) know He let us know about the schedule change after yesterday's presentation.
Idioms or Phrasal Verbs /Used at Work Filled (me/him/them) in He let them know about the schedule change after yesterday's presentation.

Gave the lowdown He gave me the lowdown about the schedule change while on the con-call yesterday.

Ran down  He ran down the reasons for the schedule change while on the con-call yesterday.

Passed on He passed on the information about the schedule change.

keep/kept/keeping (me/her/us) posted He kept us posted about the schedule change.

keep/kept/keeping (him/them/me) in the loop He keeps us in the loop about the schedule change.

up to dateHe is up to date about the schedule change.

heads up

touch base

Ping/Ping Me
He gave us a heads up about the schedule change.

I will touch base with you when I have more information.

Ping me when you have fixed the problem. 

Another set of words and phrases meaning "in the loop:" 

in the know, abreast, aware, clued up, in the circle, know the score, know what's what, acquainted, conversant, familiar, well-versed, in the know, cognizant.

Another phrase I often hear used in India is "circle back." While this does somewhat seem to also mean 'in the loop," it seems to have a slightly different connotation. I understand this phrase to mean, "I will get back to you when I have more information or when I am free to talk." But, some seem to use it also in terms of 'in the loop,' 

Synonyms, other words and meaning for "in the loop," a common corporate idiom.
Depending on the synonym being used, the structure of the sentence changes somewhat.
The idiomatic forms may be more frequently used than the direct vocabulary.

Cultural Relevance:
It is GOOD when your American counterpart says: 
"You've kept me in the loop. This meeting is on target." 
This is a complement, it's a good thing. It means you are keeping the person up to date and informed about things.

Something is WRONG when your American counterpart says: 
"You're not keeping us in the loop. This meeting seems to be all over the place
This is not a good thing to hear. Your American counterparts are not happy with you and feel left out. This will damage business relationships.

Other synonyms for "Informed"

Some outside the US have said "loop you in" and "circling back."

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