Facilitate Impactful Virtual Presentations

Presentation Skills for Virtual Meetings/Global Teams

Learn skills to improve face-to-face or virtual presentations to ace the demo, go onsite and get client-buy in, deliver managerial presentations to your local team, or represent your team or company at a technical conference. 

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How you will feel better after working with us 
"I have to deliver what most people consider boring, administrative presentations at quarterly business meetings. I was never looking forward to these meetings, as people often fell asleep. After coaching one-on-one with Jennifer, I learned critical skills to engage the audience and make them interested in the administrative functions of the office. I did not think it was possible, but it was and is!"
Team Lead in Bangalore with almost 20 years' experience

"The original aim to hire Jennifer was to help my outsourcing partner in his career. As I feel his development skills are already good, he can 'improve' by building more rapport through a clearer English communication. Through the coaching process, I became more aware about how we communicate. This helped me in giving more direction to the discussions. Thanks a lot for writing up the final progress report. It was interesting and good to read about my outsourcing partner's learning! Makes me feel it was well invested money."
~ Job Smulders, Owner, Rentautobus.com, Netherlands

"I never used to think much about presentation skills because I was only talking to clients on the phone. I also thought because I knew the topic, I did not need to prepare a presentation. I was wrong. After learning a simple way to prepare a presentation and speak about it in an interesting way over the phone, my manager allowed me to handle a client demo with successful results. Since then, I have been handling client demos and even have represented my company at some tech conferences!"

Software Engineer

"We hired Jennifer to deliver this session to help the team break the ice in general situations. The team was pretty stiff and quiet with the client on the phone and onsite. The team also learned how to present in face to face meetings and be interactive audience members."

Bangalore based team lead 

How this helps your team and why it's important 

Let's partner together to build your business, while leaving a positive, long-lasting impact on your clients, customers, partners, and employees. We help teams by:

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Audience Profile

Who attends this training? 
We tailor our approach to help you interact and build relationships more effectively on your global, virtual team with U.S. Americans. 

Though we specialize in working with professionals in India and the U.S., we have also worked with many professionals who require these skills on cross-border, international teams with an added focus of English as Second Language (ESL) fluency skills.

Job Titles of Participants Include
Business Analyst Project Lead Sr. Assoc. Vice President
CEO Risk Analyst Senior Software Developer
Delivery Manager System Analyst     Sales and Business Development
Human Resources      Team Lead Test Manager

As we tailor the intervention to the individual or small group, duration varies from:
5- 20 hours in 1:1 coaching sessions
a few to 20 sessions
over a period of 3-4 four months
with a one hour follow up after one month after completion

Syllabus Overview
The syllabus is tailored for the individual chosen. Typically, in the intake session we speak to the candidate, manager and stakeholders (optional) to assess needs and set learning objectives. Based on these conversations, a road map for our work together is created. 

Topics can include (but not limited to):

  • Learn and practice body language for individual and group presentations.
  • Importance of body language in virtual as well as face-to-face presentations.
  • Voice presentation tips for presentations over the phone or in person.
  • Learn how to create an engaging discussion around your presentation.
  • Tips for clean and non-distracting PPT slides discussed.
  • Tips on using PPT for virtual or face to face presentations as a single presenter or as part of a group.
  • Prepare for interactive question and answer sessions.
  • How to handle technology problems.
  • Tips for convincing Americans in presentations.
  • Participants will demo a mock presentation based on current business needs and get feedback

Facilitation Method:
Our method is a blend of coaching, advising, and training. This not only offers you a flexible approach, but an approach that is not dependent on traditional training or classroom learning.

As a learner, you will take responsibility for your learning objectives and outcomes based on the highly interactive and individualized approach of our sessions. 

Our goal is to make each session have tangible, practical outcomes that you can use on the job today with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

Options/ Customizations

Add these bells and whistles: 
  • Before & After: We can record your presentations before and after learning new techniques to see and hear how it's changed. 
  • Mock Presentations: Bring your presentation to our session. I will be your audience and critic, providing valuable insights to make your presentation more convincing, interactive, and culturally engaging. 
  • Certificates: A digital certificate you can showcase as part of your career portfolio can be issued upon completion. 
  • Small Talk Newsletter: This newsletter, delivered to you about 10 times a year, just before most major U.S. holidays and observances will build context for non U.S. Americans to make connections with their US counterparts. Try it out for free below! 

U.S. Small Talk Newsletter

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