Tackling the Issues of Hiring NRIs

This article written by Aseem Juneja and Jennifer Kumar first appeared in Mobility Magazine, August 2011.   Tackling the Issues of Hiring NRIs   From slow economic growth in the West to a burgeoning Indian economy, there are a litany of reasons to explain the trend of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) desiring to venture to India […]

Do I Have Culture Shock?

Yes, culture shock is real.  For those who have ever moved away from home to a new environment and experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s likely you faced culture shock:  Social Symptoms Feeling lonely most of the time (even when around others) Over identifying or idealizing your native country or culture Inability to accept […]

US Culture Awareness Training in India

, fIn Between 2014 and 2018, Authentic Journeys provided US culture awareness training for Indians working for UST in Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, and Bangalore.  The US Cultural Awareness Training Program (USCAT) was created by Authentic Journeys in partnership with UST and its training affiliates readied the associates for their short and long-term business trips onsite […]

Why Do Americans Study in India?

Did you know that India ranks higher than countries like Brazil, Denmark, Israel, New Zealand, Austria and the Netherlands when Americans choose where to study abroad? And, with almost 200 study abroad options to choose from on popular study abroad program search websites like, this may continue to make one wonder, “Why do AMericans […]

Phrases to Use When You Forget What You’re Talking About

We’ve all had those moments… where out of the blue while talking our mind just goes blank and you forget what you are talking about?   Have you ever started talking, and in the middle of your sentence forgot what you were saying?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t just happen to you. You are not alone. It […]

Childcare Options in the USA

Coming to the US as an expat is exciting. Relocating with children adds the additional responsibility of looking for childcare options in the USA. Let’s take a look at daycare and childcare in the USA. While a majority of offshore team members are male, now a days, there are considerable numbers of female IT and […]

Importance of Timing and Topics in Small Talk

Small talk comes in various forms in the U.S. In this short post, let’s look at two elements of small talk interactions- timing and topics. Importance of Timing in Small Talk Most of the time, meetings will start with a few minutes of small talk up to five or six minutes of small talk can […]

Lost a Word? Synonyms to the Rescue!

Many people ask, “How do I improve my vocabulary?”   Naturally, we want express our thoughts in multiple ways to add clarity and crispness. Sometimes, the first word or sentence that comes to our minds does not convey the meaning that we want to convey or is not understood by the person we are talking […]

Improve Relationships with US Clients

“I was always nervous to attend client meetings mainly due to the fact that my colleagues would not be responsible about their attendance. After consulting on this issue with Jennifer, we implemented a new process that helps us to communicate better internally. The impact is that now the client also can communicate with us better, […]

Regional Conversation Starters in the USA

In our program, Buidling Trust and Good Relationships with US Americans, you learn the three kinds of small talk that Americans use at work. While those guidelines tend to be quite standardized across the USA, there are also regional conversation starters in the USA that may apply to professional or casual situations.   A few […]

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