Authentic Journeys in NRITBI, Thapasya, Infopark

Between 2011-2021, Authentic Journeys Consultancy had a physical and virtual office address located in Infopark at the NRI-TBI (The Non Resident Indian’s-Technology Business Incubator). (That’s a mouthful of an address for an American, and it’s not even the complete address!)    The NRI TBI is a government of Kerala sponsored incubator that promotes IT and […]

Terminology of Outsourcing

Like each area of the world has its own jargon, slang, idioms and “in-words,” so does every industry. When we find peculiar words or slang in a company, however, that’s when we call it ‘professional jargon.’ As Authentic Journeys works with many professionals in outsourced teams, this article will introduce you to some of the […]

How Deep Breathing Is Important to Speaking Clearly in American English

Speaking clearly on the phone or in any situation in English requires good breath control. Every language uses breath differently. Deep breathing in American English will help to project your voice without the use of a microphone, and additionally will help us to:   talk slower without sounding unnaturally slow or robotic more clearly pronounce […]

When Should I Apologize to an American?

When interacting with those in a different culture, we may wonder, “What is not appropriate in this culture and which should I apologize if I have made a mistake?”   Let’s take a look at this a little deeper.   Once when coaching an Indian in the U.S., I asked, “Did you get good customer […]

8 Mistakes To Avoid in E-mail Communication

Professional e-mail etiquette is critical to communicating clearly and making a good impression. This is true whether it is the first time or in daily e-mail exchanges. Though e-mails are considered more casual, it’s best not to treat them as casual. Simple errors, if avoided can leave a stunning and memorable impression, while some fatal […]

Synonyms for Great – Expanding Vocabulary and Conversation Series

Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Try using synonyms to bring richness and variety into your spoken English.   How can I use synonyms?   Write out the sentence that you want to use or repeat it multiple times. Choose a word to replace with its synonym. Look up the definition of the synonym. Does […]

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