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Posted On: June 3, 2013

Have you been invited out to lunch by your American colleagues? Are you wondering how to handle that situation? Or, are you curious how to respond to American party invitations? Maybe you’re looking for American English lessons? The slideshow videos in this post promise to answer some of your questions.  

The American culture tutorial slideshow podcasts on this page are free to view online.

For companies looking to purchase these videos, contact Jennifer Kumar

The videos listed below can be purchased for use in classroom training as well as in online modules. 

The videos on this page can also serve as templates. For companies looking to have a video library for their US cultural training programs, view the templates below, and contact Jennifer Kumar with your exact requirements for further details.

The templates in this post include slideshows with audio voice over by Jennifer Kumar. Photos are re-used under creative commons, or purchased from a stock photo website.

There are also face-to-face video templates available by clicking here.

US Culture and Language Tutorials – Learn American Culture and English

#1 – Learn about US Coins (American Money)

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#2 – Lunch Invites from US Colleagues
Take note: This template can be molded to tailor-made topics 
suitable for targeted training programs.
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#3 – Idiom Lesson – American English Saying “Pick Up”
Take note: Such tutorials can feature any number of 
American English idioms or saying used at work.


#4 – Ways to Say No Without Offending
This is one of the lessons from the course The Ultimate Guide to Email Writing for Professionalism and Ease.
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#5 – American Accent Lesson: Fine Tune B and P 
(Partial Video – Full Length for Purchase)
Take note: This template can be reused for other 
sounds like V/W, F/P, Z/J, as well as vowel sounds like “aw“.
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#6 – Eye Contact with US Americans (2020)


#7 – American Party Invitation Etiquette 
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#8 – How are you holding up?
See the transcript along with the video here.

Learn more about the three types of small talk used to build relationships with US Americans.

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