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June 3, 2014

Z & J – Spoken American English Accent Pronunciation

Many North Indians may mispronounce Z and J. This pronunciation problem can result in describing your "region" instead of your "reason." Or the infamous Xerox (zeer-ah-ks) sounds like jeeroks to a native speaker. 

Understanding the actual difference in pronouncing these sounds will help you to identify the right sound when listening to native speakers as well as identifying the right letter when spelling words and writing e-mails to your colleagues, managers and bosses. 

To get some help in learning to pronounce these sounds, I have asked Rachel of Rachel’s English, for making this instructional video on the differences in Z and J. 

Thank you, Rachel for this video. For those interested, visit Rachel’s website – here.

Upon completing these exercises, you may want to try the exercises for Z and S. Helping you to pronounce and identify the Z and S sounds will be easier after reading the post and watching the videos linked here.

Author Jennifer Kumar is a native American English speaker living in Cochin, India. She provides communicative English lessons to Infopark based companies and clients. Check out her American Accent Training Program by clicking here or contact her here.  

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