Help for India Based Staff to Speak Better English

Why did I hire a fluency coach?  The original aim was to help my outsourcing partner in his career as I feel his development skills are already good he can ‘improve’ by building more rapport through a clearer English communication. Because of the process I became more aware about how we communicate and that helped […]

Prepare to Study in the USA – Cross-Cultural Lessons

When we get ready to study abroad, we think of the practical things to check off the list. Often we forget that we are moving to another culture, not just another country. I have put together a series of online tutorials to expose you to the mindset, culture, academic requirements, college social life, on campus […]

Three Mistakes Non-Indian Women Make In Marrying Indian Men

When considering to marry someone from another culture, who may also be from another country, many things should be under consideration. While love can blind us, love may not conquer all when talking about the complexities of a long term cross-cultural (bi-racial, multifaith, multilingual) relationship. Though coaching many other couples in these situations, I would like to […]


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