Communicate Across Cultures With Ease

Posted On: February 24, 2012

I was looking for help for India-based staff to speak better English and communicate across cultures with ease when I came across Authentic Journeys.

Communicate Across Cultures With Ease

Communicate Across Cultures With Ease

Why did I hire a fluency coach to help my staff in India communicate across cultures with ease? 

The original aim was to help my outsourcing partner in his career as I feel his development skills are already good he can ‘improve’ by building more rapport through a clearer English communication. Because of the process I became more aware about how we communicate and that helped me in giving more direction to the discussions.


Thanks a lot for writing up the final progress report. It was interesting and good to read about my outsourcing partner’s learning! Makes me feel it was well invested money.

Job Smulders


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If you are looking for help for India based staff, dev teams or other partners to lead effectively across cultures, contact us


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