Solutions to Difficult Situations in the USA

Posted On: November 24, 2011

How Did E-mail Coaching Help You?

I am an Indian student in the US. I came to know about Jennifer via a youtube video I saw. I wrote to her asking general questions about:

1) How to politely refuse an invitation from an American for a party or other gathering. Since we come from a different culture, what we do in our home country may not be polite here. Also, how to ask someone for a date and who pays on those dates.

2) How to handle a rude clerk at a supermarket and a professor who starts shouting if we approach him/her.

Impartial and Unbiased

3) How to handle neighbors who are playing loud music.

She was very understanding. She made a text version and a video version of the answer to the first question. Jennifer also explained in detail, on whom I can contact in the organization and the university, and remain anonymous if I want to. I was really impressed by the amount of time she spent in typing the replies to my emails. She did her best to explain things in detail.

In spite of being an American she was not talking only in favor of Americans and was giving a impartial view of what needs to be the correct behavior on the part of the rude clerk or the Professor and how I could address the situation with their superiors.

I am very thankful to Jennifer for the advice she has given as it has made me feel more comfortable in handling situations in American culture. [sic] 

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