Fit In and Be Successful in the USA for Indians and NRIs

Posted On: June 29, 2011

Be Successful in the USA – Fit In While Remaining True to Your Native Culture is Possible!


Be Successful in the US - While Remaining True to My Native Country

I reached out to Jennifer when I joined college in Rochester, NY. Being the only Indian in my college and the realization about the difference between US and Indian culture made me wonder how I would fit in the crowd?? Every day I encountered new problems and was overwhelmed by it.

I knew Jen through emails first and eventually, we met and talked about a whole lot of issues. It is very easy to open up with Jen, who has a way with people. She is patient and non-judgmental. Having been in India and being married to an Indian, who is also an American, I knew she would be the best person to answer my innumerable questions.

Jen helped me out with the language, the difference between pronunciations (Indian and American), resume tips and what not. One particular thing I remember is how I didn’t want to be Americanized and how dear my Indian roots were to me. There was a huge conflict in my mind whether to change my accent and make it more American. I didn’t want to, that was the dilemma. However, Jen made me understand the importance of doing so, in-order to have a good career and to make myself heard. Life is about making compromises to achieve your goals and dreams. You have to adapt if you plan to live in a foreign country and she made me realize that.

She has sent me tons of interview tips and articles that has helped me in my job search. What I find most endearing in Jen is a curiosity to know different cultures and how she assimilates information to help people adjust to life in the US, I should say she is a powerhouse of knowledge! When I reached out to her about my job search blues, everyday she used to send me information pertaining to mastering the art of job interviews. I have no clue how she gets the time to do all this. I would conclude by saying this: She is a true life coach!! She has experience, exposure and tons of friends from cultures worldwide. She is a great friend who listens patiently, takes time and effort in getting to know you and your needs. [sic]

-Sajitha Veettilakath 

Sajitha allowed me to quote her testimonial for an article that was written for Careers 360 in India. See the article here

If you are a citizen of India working with US citizens from India or while living in the US, we can help you be successful in the USA with our US culture training programs or 1 to 1 coaching programs delivered all online with a live facilitator. Get in touch to start the discussion today!


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