Indian Culture Awareness for Study Abroad Students

Posted On: November 28, 2011

Indian Culture Awareness for Study Abroad StudentsWhile planning a short-term study abroad program for eleven MSW graduate students from Nazareth College in January 2011, we had the pleasure of consulting with Jennifer Kumar regarding cultural milieu of Kerala, India.


It was important for all participating in the study abroad program to be advised on cultural awareness. Jennifer came highly recommended and proved to be extremely knowledgeable in both Indian customs/ traditions and culture as well as travel preparations. She also familiarized students and faculty concerning everyday interactions and routines to anticipate such as greetings, cultural etiquette, appropriate clothing, and meals that greatly assisted in everyone’s transition while in Kerala. She provided contacts in the Malayalam community in Rochester for us to expand our connections. The students thoroughly enjoyed her group presentation and benefited from her knowledge. Jennifer’s openness to answer any question posed and her candor in answering was welcomed. She exhibited professionalism, warmth, and a caring attitude throughout every consultation. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of her specialized skills and services, and look forward to connecting with her in Kochi in our next study abroad planned for January 2013.

Dr. Carol Brownstein-Evans, PhD, LMSW, ACSW

Professor Mark A. Primus, LMSW



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