November 9, 2011

Help With Living In India

Jennifer wrote on her blog INDIA!
“I think hands down, this has been one of the hardest things I've done, both in terms of work and country. Before coming to India, I met a new friend, Jennifer, who is a cross cultural coach here in India and lives about 2 hours south of me. I met her online and we started emailing about a month or so before I left for India. I had the opportunity to meet her, her husband, and cousins on Sunday. They drove up to meet me and took me around town and to meet some of their family. It was a real treat and very comforting to know there is someone outside of my work I can share my experiences with. She's from the US and has a lot of experience living in India and being in Indian culture so she's been a real support for me before I left for India and while I've been here.”
Below is a screen shot of the blog post. To read it in full, click here.

Thanks a million, Jennifer. Getting to know you and your ability to do what you are doing really inspires me!!

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