Indian Culture Awareness for Study Abroad Students

While planning a short-term study abroad program for eleven MSW graduate students from Nazareth College in January 2011, we had the pleasure of consulting with Jennifer Kumar regarding cultural milieu of Kerala, India.   It was important for all participating in the study abroad program to be advised on cultural awareness. Jennifer came highly recommended […]

Solutions to Difficult Situations in the USA

How Did E-mail Coaching Help You? I am an Indian student in the US. I came to know about Jennifer via a youtube video I saw. I wrote to her asking general questions about: 1) How to politely refuse an invitation from an American for a party or other gathering. Since we come from a […]

Authentic Journeys Expert Panel

We often tap in to the expertise of other to build, enhance and conduct our programs. Meet some of our experts below! If you’d like to be in touch with anyone, contact us here.   Our Authentic Journeys’ Expert Panel   Anandi Merchant Anandi was born and raised in Mumbai, India and has been living in the […]

Help With Living In India

When a new expat needed help with living in India, we were happy to hear when Jennifer wrote on her blog, INDIA….   “I think hands down, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve done, both in terms of work and country. Before coming to India, I met a new friend, Jennifer, who […]

Questions to Consider When Thinking To Marry Across Cultures

Read about our adventures here. Would you ever marry across cultures?   Jennifer Kumar, the owner of this blog has some experience in this arena as she is a US citizen with no family ties to India who has married a man from India.  Jennifer has also coached a few cross-cultural, interracial couples in merging families. […]

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