Train our Team on US Culture

Posted On: July 7, 2011

What do you think of our cross-cultural training program?

Working with Jennifer was a great experience for us. We hired Jennifer to train our team on US Culture and on accent neutralization, and two things did absolutely exceed our expectations – delivering a HIGHLY customized session and delivering the content by keeping the participants highly engaged. Each one of the many activities she assigned to our team was with a definite purpose and was different. I can assume how many hours of home work she might have put in to create such a program for us. She in fact did step into our shoes and tried to understand our situation and planned her session accordingly, and I am sure this is what we expect as customers. Her total involvement in the assignment taken up truly stand out.

Biju V Ramakrishnapillai,
CEO, Tutorwaves

Training Indian Nationals on US Culture

Training Indian Nationals on US Culture


One of the other participants in the program shared this feedback,

“Our team at Tutorwaves was able to get a better understanding of the US culture and the educational system. We also had an effective training on voice modulation and the impacts it could have while interacting with the US customers” – Anju Kuruvilla, Manager Marketing & Customer Relations.

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Tutorwaves team training program with Authentic Journeys
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