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Posted On: July 5, 2011

, asI am glad to share my experience about the Mentorship Program and Guidance provided by Mrs. Jennifer Kumar to me. She was able to help me sort through programs and university choices to select the best one to advance my career. 

I wanted to pursue my dream of higher studies in the United States after graduating as an Information Technology Engineer and working for 3 and half years in India in the field of social and digital media marketing.

My mind wasn’t certain about what course should I be pursuing in the United States for gaining technical as well as informational knowledge so as to enhance my skill set as a technology and innovation professional.

I always considered engaging and interacting with people as one of my core skill sets and as a result I was looking for a program that would help me balance my technical as well as managerial aspirations when I go for an International program in the United States.

Mrs. Jennifer Kumar helped me find the right program. She suggested several programs to me. After sorting through and comparing the pros and cons of several different programs, I was able to select one which was the correct balance between technical and social engagement with the people I was looking to work with in the future while being in the United States. Jennifer informed me that it was a STEM course that would be me an edge over other programs in the United States as I would be able to work and enhance my skills for a longer time than an MBA or a non-STEM program. 


Jennifer made me aware that apart from quality education, the university I selected had really good recreational facilities and year round events that would make my student life active and fun. This would help me in developing an overall well rounded personality thus making my American Dream real in the true sense. 

Before leaving India and joining my program in the US, Jennifer also made me aware of the do’s and don’ts of American culture and the things which I should not do – for instance not being late for a meeting, completing commitments on time, personal hygiene like use of deodorant, opening the door as I come across someone, using please and thank you to a much greater extent than what I would do usually in India, smiling while conversing with people, how to answer interview questions at the visa office, how to dress up, how to talk to custom officials at the Port of Entry and desist from giving ambiguous answers to the questions being asked. I followed each and every one of her advice meticulously and i was surprised how good the results were in the end. 

Before landing in America, I got in touch with the Indian Students Association (ISA), as per Jennifer’s recommendation. The ISA  helped me settle down, provided transport and accommodation for the initial days before I moved into a permanent apartment. I found the course and the overall environment really inspiring and encouraging to pursue my dream of studying in America. After settling into college life, I got a campus job in the Cafeteria quickly along with working with the Ice Hockey team as an Assistant Statistician. Following this, I also secured a scholarship worth $3300 for my first two semesters and I was able to get $1000 for every semester subsequently. Continuing this amazing momentum, I conducted a Twitter Marketing Campaign for the International Office which reached 5.6 million people throughout the world and was the most successful marketing campaign in the university’s 107 year old history. During semester 3, I was able to secure a full time internship as a Systems Analyst. 

For me it has been a dream come true. I was able to accomplish some incredible things while getting my Masters education in United States. I owe all of it to the meticulous research and planning of Mrs. Jennifer Kumar who guided me every step of the way. It would not have been possible without her help, dedication and motivation to see me succeed. An International student like me who knew nothing about how to apply for admission, how to research, what things to do, how to prepare your financial statements for Visa interview, how to present yourself, how to talk to custom officials at the airport when entering, how to get in touch with senior students from your country, how to interact with people in America, the do’s and dont’s.

Everything that Jennifer advised and shared with me has been of utmost help as an International student and as an Alien coming from India to live in a different culture. I am full of gratitude and owe my success to Mrs. Jennifer Kumar has been a driving force in shaping my career, giving it an upward trajectory. Thank You Mrs. Kumar!

~PK Sharma [sic]

After PK moved to the US, he wrote a blog on cross-cultural experiences here

image credit: benzoix at freepik


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