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June 24, 2015

Ways to Say Thank You

Ways to Say Thank You
Saying "Thank You" is important in American culture. It is said when someone does something nice for you, if they fulfilled a request for you, did something for you on time, opened the door for you when entering the store or building, or for a multitude of other things. In many Indians eyes, Americans over do it with the 'thank yous'. I have an Indian friend who once did something nice for me, and when I saw her next and told her how much I appreciated it, she said, "Why do you have to say thank you so much? It's my pleasure. We are friends!" Maybe in Indians eyes, saying 'thank you' is understood without being said. I have even been told the phrase 'thank you' may not come in some Indian languages or if it is the language, it's not used as frequently as you would hear it in the U.S.

In American's eyes, however, if it is not said, it is considered rude. Whether it's your boss, colleague, stranger on the road that did something nice for you, a friend or American family member, not saying thank you for something someone else has done for you could make them think you feel entitled (maybe known as 'ego' in Kerala). So, how do we say thank you? We can simply say "thank you" or follow some tips from this post on saying thank you in emails or from the video below on how to respond to thank you in live conversation.

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