A Highly Customized & Engaging Program

Posted On: July 7, 2011

What do you think of our cross-cultural training program?

Working with Jennifer was a great experience for us. We hired Jennifer to train our team on US Culture and on accent neutralization, and two things did absolutely exceed our expectations – delivering a HIGHLY customized session and delivering the content by keeping the participants highly engaged. Each one of the many activities she assigned to our team was with a definite purpose and was different. I can assume how many hours of home work she might have put in to create such a program for us. She in fact did step into our shoes and tried to understand our situation and planned her session accordingly, and I am sure this is what we expect as customers. Her total involvement in the assignment taken up truly stand out.

Biju V Ramakrishnapillai,
CEO, Tutorwaves

Tutorwaves is an online tutoring platform that provides tutoring for students worldwide.  

Tutorwaves team training program with Authentic Journeys

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