4 Ways to Encourage Offshore Indian Teams to Participate in Stand-up Meetings

One of the concerns some of those who work with Indians who are not familiar with India wonder is, “How fluent are Indians in English, and will they speak up during meetings?”  Teams I tend to work with receive feedback from stakeholders or internally on performance reviews around any of the following points:  Reluctant to speak […]

How to Execute Saying Execute in English and the Letter X

In the list of 60 plus words to pronounce more clearly, I will share how to pronounce “execute” and the get the right articulation for the X sound in English. This letter can be pronounced two different ways depending on the word or the placement of the letter in the word. In this video I […]

21 Articles on Cross-Cultural Communication

Take a look at the top 21 Articles on Cross-Cultural Communication on our blog:  247,370 views – When do Americans Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?  228,561 views – Meaning of “Ping” or “Ping Me” 105,343 views – Spring Ahead & Fall Back: What is Daylight Saving Time?  102,430 views – Phrases to Use In Group […]

Encryption & Encryption Key- Pronunciation, Meaning, Sentence Examples

Learning The English Vocabulary: encrypt, encryption, and encryption key In the continuing series of Words to Pronounce More Clearly, I shared information about the words encrypt, encryption, and encryption key.  I will guess these words are more important than ever with people working from home and wanting to keep their corporate data secure. Let’s look at […]

Confidently Drive Client Meetings (When It’s New to You)

Now that we are all working from home, with team members and managers also working from their respective homes, there may be times when you may need to conduct client meetings without their participation or direction.  Normally, you are in the office with your team. Normally, you see your team everyday, face to face. Normally, […]

I Know English, But Can’t Have a Conversation with an American!

Meet Rakhesh, a typical Keralite who grew up studying in a Malayalam medium school, started using English while in college, and has been struggling for the past 30 years to improve his conversational skills with his foreign counterparts. Read his profile, and listen to the video below for my suggested remedies which we applied in […]

How are you holding up? – When to ask and how to answer

When times are stressful or life is challenging, especially during our #stayathome and lockdown times, people may ask each other “How are you holding up?” to start a conversation. Learn more about this question, how it compares to the small talk opener “How are you?” and how to answer it. [Transcript of the video follows.] […]

Ways to Say Thank You or Acknowledge Someone

“You can never say thank you enough!”  When anyone asks me what is the #1 tip they can apply today in communicating and relationship building with their US counterpart, this is my answer.  Saying “Thank You” is important in American culture.  Thank yous can be used when someone does something nice for you or simply […]

How to Start a Chat with a US American Person

Recently, a few of my friends in the US who weren’t familiar with Indian culture reached out to me with this concern, “A few people from India reached out to me to be my Facebook friend.. but why are they asking me if I am married, have kids or who I am living with? How […]


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