Am I Ready to Go Onsite to the USA?

Do you see a business trip to the U.S. in your future?  Take the 20 question quiz in this post to test your cross-cultural business acumen.  If you score 18 out of 20 – you are ready. If you score 16  to 18 – you need to brush up. Anything under 16, we recommend you […]

We hired a language and culture trainer for our team in India!

We hired Jennifer to give English accent training for some of our employees working on virtual teams. After few sessions we realised accent training is a just tip of the iceberg of the expertise she is having. We included more people and more topics (US Travel Preparation, Sales Training, Virtual Teamwork) to the training program. […]

“Ok” & “Yes” Communicate Commitment to Americans (What to Say Instead)

Americans do not really know what Indians mean when they say ‘ok’ and ‘yes’ in conversation. When Americans hear ‘ok’ and ‘yes,’ they think the Indian team members are: Agreeing to do something Saying YES to their question or request  Agreeing with their methodology Agreeing to whatever they are talking about, including setting deadlines, resources […]


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