American Culture Quiz for Expats

Posted On: September 22, 2018

Do you want to test your US culture knowledge? We have created this American culture quiz for expats which is based on the information we teach you in our Work and Live in the USA expat relocation preparation program. 


Ready to go to the USA? Take this American Culture Quiz for Expats

If you score:

  • 18 out of 20 – you are ready
  • 16  to 18 – you need to brush up (learn more)

If you scored under 16, we recommend you consider attending our virtual online live facilitator-led Get Ready to Travel to the U.S. interactive webinar that can be tailored to your needs.


If you are unable to see the quiz on this page, click through to Google Forms.Or if you can see it here, start testing your cross-cultural competency now!

If you want even more knowledge to ready yourself for your relocation to the USA, check out our program-  Work and Live in the US, open to individuals and corporations. Contact us for more information.


Or, you can browse some blog posts on some of the topics in the quiz:

What does it mean to be late to an American – and how will he or she respond?

Tips on how to make eye contact with Americans – in person and in virtual meetings (video tutorial)

Etiquette and mannerisms when business dining with colleagues in the USA


Photo by: Photo by Arpan Parikh at Pexels


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