When Someone Hurts Us, Is it Possible Not to Take it Personally?

“I admire Americans because they can criticize each other’s work, but the next day still work together and go out to lunch together.”  This was something an Indian executive exclaimed when I asked the team, “What do you like about American work culture?”  Learning to not get a broken heart (take thingspersonally) at work is […]

Helping U.S. Facing Professionals Gain Confidence in Written Business English

Writing emails or, sometimes even sending text messages and chats can be problematic for some offshore team members who were never taught how to craft professional messages in business English. Many of those I have coached grew up in an educational system that may not have taught English students how to write or form their […]

What does “Out of the Box” mean?

Some years ago I asked this question to a room full of engineers during a training program on business writing in Kottayam, India. We were learning about corporate jargon and idioms used at work.   How Can We Use the Phrase “Out of the Box” Meaning 1: No Changes, Can Be Used As Is Immediately  […]

U.S. State Birthdays- Sorted by Year and Date Formed, State Name, Time Zone

While July 4, 1776 was the birthday of the nation we know as the United States of America, did you know that not even one state was officially a U.S. state until 1787?  Sixteen (16) states were formed between 1787 and 1796 (before 1800).  Twenty-nine (29) states were formed in the 1800s. The remaining five […]

How to Be Polite In English

“In America people want you to be direct and to the point.”  This is one of the cultural concepts many people learn about America (and maybe much of the West) when learning about different cultures.  Does this really apply in the U.S.?  Yes, but…. Not all the time.  In some cases, especially if we need […]

“Time Zone Resentment” – Managing Time on Global Teams

Do you have time zone resentment?  If you work with international, virtual teams, it is likely you have experienced ‘time zone resentment.’ Coined by the website Campaign, “time zone resentment” stems from: “…conducting meetings consistently in the “middle” zone can create resentment from those having to dial in during the early morning or late evening.“ […]

Changing Clocks: How It Impacts Life in the US and with International, Virtual Teams

On the second Sunday of March at 2am, most parts of the continental U.S. ‘spring forward.’ This means that digital clocks automatically change from 1:59am to 3am. Those with manual clocks (microwave and car clocks, for instance), must change them by hand. The video below shows the clock automatically changing from 1:59am to 3am. This […]


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