Get to Know Authentic Journeys FAQ

Authentic Journeys helps companies like yours build effective US-India cross border and distributed teams. While a majority of clients are in the IT sector, we also worked with global teams in the financial sector, housing sector, accounting and tax, immigration, media analytics, e-commerce, and education.  Authentic Journeys works with your business to achieve your goals […]

Work Effectively with Teammates from India

The tips in this article are based on real-life experience. I am US citizen who has over 10 years living, working and studying in India. With over 30 trips between the US and India since 1998, and running a successful business in India for over 6 years, these tips will not only help you do […]

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, this program is for you: Do you avoid small talk because you worry you will make mistakes and broach incorrect topics? Or, maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about unknown topics like American sports (football, baseball)? Do you wonder how […]

3 Ways to Get to Know Your US Client

Many working on global software teams or those who provide IT consulting or app building services to U.S. clients may start their engagement with limited knowledge about their client outside the technical scope and requirements of the project. If this is you, let’s see how you can get to know some simple things about your […]

Lessons on Giving Feedback and Motivation to Teams in India

I was taken aback when a manager in India shared this strategy on feedback and motivation with me: “Training our employees like that won’t work. You have to be more strict with them. If they make a mistake, point it out! Point out their faults publicly to make them ashamed so they will improve.”  Certainly, […]

Examples of How to Use English to Build Credibility with US Clients

“His American client doesn’t think he takes initiative or ownership, but he does all of his work!”   This is a typical complaint many clients and their managers bring to me to resolve during coaching sessions. Though many behaviors and communication tactics can be used to demonstrate initiative and ownership, I will isolate one commonly seen […]

Managing Teams in More than One City in India

Are you remotely managing co-located, virtual offshore teams in different parts of India?    Understanding Indian cultural diversity and work culture will help you to manage your teams more effectively.   Considerations for Managing Teams in More than One City in India Different Languages    Though business and education is generally conducted in English, each […]

A Dozen Conversation Connectors in English

Do you ever feel your English is dry? The sentences you say seem disconnected or disjointed? Unable to connect your thoughts with phrases that continue the the conversation in a fluid way? 12 Phrases to Connect Thoughts While Speaking I’m not joking when I say  …and that goes for (……) as well  like i said…. […]

Speak Expressive English

“When I can’t see their expressions, I do not know how to respond.”     This is typically said to me when I ask my clients who work on virtual teams, “What is the most difficult thing you face when speaking with your American colleagues over the phone?”     Many of my India -based […]

Names and Uses of American Coins

There are four coins that are mainly circulated in the US. If you are planning to visit the USA or move here as an expat, knowing the names and uses of American coins is helpful. Play this fun game to understand coins, their denominations, how they look, and more! What are the common coins in […]

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